How to Use Egg White to Whiten Your Face and Remove Wrinkles?

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Environmental factors such as pollution and number of chemical products will damage our skin and lead to formation of wrinkles very easily. However, ageing is a natural process but still it’s hard to swallow.

Instead of using all those expensive things to whiten your face, here we use natural ingredient to reduce wrinkles and improve your skin texture as well.

Have you ever used egg white to remove wrinkles on your face? No, then it’s time to try egg white masks which will help you to maintain health of your skin and make it brighter and shiner than before.

Is Egg White Useful For Skin Whitening?

Egg white is loaded with number of proteins and nutrients that are helpful to maintain healthy and glowing skin.

  • The cleansing properties in egg white will help to remove dead skin cells and remove excess sebum of your skin and even remove impurities.
  • Vitamins in egg white will prevent infectious bacteria and exhibit anti bacterial and healing properties.
  • The proteins in egg white will promote cell repair and helps to get rid of wrinkles naturally.
  • it also helps to tighten the skin and reap the dirt in pores of the skin.

Here are some methods, you need to follow to whitening your face and remove wrinkles.

Method 1:

Egg White For Whitening Your Skin:

This facial mask will tighten your skin, improves the elasticity of your skin and even improves the blood circulation through the skin.

How To Prepare It:

Take a bowl and add two raw eggs, two teaspoons of lemon juice and one teaspoon of olive oil. Mix them well and keep them in refrigerator for half an hour.

Cleanse your face and pat dry. Apply it as a single layer using a makeup brush, after 5 minutes apply another layer of this mixture.

Allow it to dry on its own and remove the mask in upward direction. Wash your face with cool water apply moisturizer at the end.

Apply this mask twice in a week to acquire bright and glowing skin.

Benefits Of This Mask:

The mixture of egg white and lemon juice bleaches your skin and remove all the dirt from the pores of your skin. Olive oil gives nourishment and moisturizes the skin.

Method 2:

For Milky White Face And Even Skin Tone:

This egg mask result in increasing your complexion of your skin tone and gives you even colored skin tone in no time.

How To Prepare It:

Take a bowl add one raw egg white, 4 table spoons of fresh cucumber, 2 table spoons of cold milk and one table spoon of besan powder. Mix all ingredients thoroughly until it forms a smooth paste.

Now, clean your face with cotton ball and apply this mixture as a pack on your face using a makeup brush.

Apply it in two thin layers and wait until it’s completely dried off.

Then wash your face with cool water. Repeat this process twice in a week to achieve good skin tone of your face.

Benefits Of This Mask:

The astringent properties in cucumber will help to get rid of pimples, dark circles, sun tan and even brighten up your dull face. Milk generally acts as natural whitening agent and reduces discoloration of your skin.

Method 3:

Brighter, whiter and clear face:

Egg white is excellent in removing ugly tan, oily skin cells and promotes clear, whiter and natural skin.

How To Prepare It:

Take a bowl and add one raw egg white, ¼ cup of tomato juice and a table spoon of fuller’s earth.

Mix all ingredients thoroughly and brush on to your face and wait for 5 minutes. Then apply the other layer of mask.

Allow it to dry on its own and wash it off with cool water.

Benefits Of This Mask:

Tomato juice is a rich source of anti oxidant properties that prevent sun burn and skin damage. It also helps to prevent spots and the combination of fuller’s earth and egg white will prevent dead skin cells and impurities from the pores and results in fairer and smooth skin on regular application.


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