The Scary Truth About Sleeping Pills That You Have To Know

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Are you addicted to sleeping pills? Then you must read this.

Regular ingesting of these pills will damage your health in a way that you can’t imagine. Before that, let’s discuss about the reason why people take sleeping pills.

Official reports say that 5% women and 3% of men have used sleeping tablets between the years 2005-2010.

Reasons behind people taking sleeping pills are listed below:

  • Excess intake of nicotine (smoking) is held responsible for sleepless nights.
  • Consume caffeine before bed.
  • Working hours, late night jobs.
  • Stress or depression.
  • Issues in relationship.

Though there are many other ways to get sleep, people often look after quick fix and end up addicted to sleeping pills.

Like other medications, these drugs can be harmful to your overall health in the long run.

Below listed are dangerous of these pills, however, problems may differ from person to person.

Sleeping Pills Side-Effects

#1 Drowsiness

You may feel sleepy even after getting up in the morning. Drowsiness can be dangerous while driving and it negatively affects your work.

#2 Can Be Addictive

Some women and men may find difficult to sleep without taking sleeping pills. This is very dangerous and you must consult physician for this disorder.

#3 Lead to Heart Burn

Studies show that having sleeping pills can increase acid reflux in users. In the long run it can damage the oesophagus.

#4 Risk of Early Deaths and Cancer

A University of California states that regular consuming of sleeping pills may shorten lifespan. Apart from this depending on these pills will develop cancer in your body.

#5 Memory Loss Related Ailments

Elder people may face Alzheimer’s disease symptom if they are taking sleeping pills.

#6 Allergic Reaction

When your body is sensitive towards some of the ingredients that are present in the drug then allergic reaction will be triggered.

Symptoms like swelling of face and breathing problem can be experienced.

#7 Interaction with Alcohol

When taken under the influence of alcohol, certain sleeping medications can be dangerous to your health.

#8 Behavioral Changes

Irritability and mood swings are some of the changes that a person who take sleeping pills may experience.

#9 Resistant Towards Pills

It works efficiently initially, but slowly your body develops resistance towards the pills. This sometimes might force you to increase the dose and can be fatal.

Alternative To Sleeping Pills

These tips may help you to have peace full sleep.

  • Avoid stress
  • Yoga postures
  • Bath before sleeping
  • Aromatherapy, this will reduce stress
  • Meditation
  • Consume sleep inducing foods
  • Avoid coffee or green tea before bed
  • Off the light and change the bedroom setup that distracts you

Consult your doctor before resorting with sleeping pills, if these methods fail.


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