What Happens to Your Body When You Don’t Shower For Two Days

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It’s very common these days to take bath more than once per day. This was not a norm before 50 or 60 years from now.

However, most of take bath regularly as a habit or for hygiene.

What happens if you don’t take bath for two consecutive days? I’m sure you’re not going to die.

We humans carry about 1,000 types of bacteria and 40 types of fungi, which include good and bad bacteria.

Bad bacteria need to be cleaned with soap or other alternatives. If not, the bacteria releases waste that result in body odor. Apart from this, bacteria can release 30 nasty smells from your body.

You may think about perfumes to get rid of odor.

But, the second great reason is to keep your skin healthy. Regular showering will keep your sensitive skin free from blemishes and helps to remove excess oil from the face.

Experts say that keeping moist or sweat cloth for longer time will encourage bacteria and fungi to invade and trigger infection.

If you really want to save water and skip showering for the day, make sure to clean your face, armpits and groin. These spots are more prone to bacterial infection.

However, talking longer showers will not help your skin get fairer. So stop wasting water.


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