12 Foods You Should Eat More of to Feel Less Hungry

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It’s been quite difficult for many people to follow perfect diet for reducing fat in their bodies. Instead of reducing the quantity of food, some foods will have the capacity to suppress your appetite by eating them more.

Stop controlling yourself to eat and start enjoying your diet by having these following foods in your regular routine.

12 Foods To Feel Less Hungry When You Eat More:

1. Dark Chocolates:

If you are one of those persons who craves every time for sweet then reach out to dark chocolate. According to a research it has been proven that, dark chocolate helps to reduce blood pressure and protect heart from many health issues.

In a study of journal nutrition and studies, milk chocolate has the capability to curb cravings for both sweet and salty foods in their regular routine.

2. Apples:

All you need to do is, just chop an apple in to slices and eat an apple before having meals. The fiber and water content of apple will make your tummy full and leads you to eat less.

3. Avacado:

Consuming half of an avocado with your lunch will make you feel full for the remaining day and gives you strength all day long. Even women who did that felt 22% more satisfied compared with the people who don’t!

4. Eggs:

Starting your day with eggs in your regular routine will make you feel full until afternoon. Eggs are loaded with number of proteins and nutrients like zinc, iron, copper, vitamins B1, B6, B12 etc. however the high content of protein in eggs will digested at slower rate.

5. Coffee:

As we know coffee offers numerous health benefits and suppressing appetite is one of them. Especially black coffee works as an effective appetite suppressant which also provides you plenty of antioxidants.

Try to have coffee without adding sugar and milk to enjoy the benefits more.

6. Oatmeal:

Oatmeal is the best breakfast you would ever have when we compare with other ingredients which we have in the early morning. Oats will take excess time to digest and keep you feel full for longer hours.

Oats are also rich in best sources of complex carbs which provide slow release of energy and the fiber content in oats will make you feel less hunger.

7. Beans:

Beans are heavily loaded with number of proteins, vitamins, minerals that are very beneficial for your health. According to a study beans also has the capability to reduce cardio metric attacks and suppress appetite hormones in your body and makes you feel full.

8. Almonds:

Just a handful of almonds are rich source of antioxidants, vitamin E and magnesium. According to a study on obesity society it has been concluded that, these wonderful almonds also make you feel full often result in less hunger.

9. Sweet Potatoes:

Potatoes contain special type of starch which is hidden in it, that resists digestive enzymes and help them to stay in your stomach for longer time. Consuming them will increase the level of fullness in your body.

10. Vegetable Soup:

A fresh and hot broth based vegetable soup will fill you up totally and remove your hunger within minutes with fewer calories. Try to have a hot cup before having meal or considered it as a main meal and enjoy it.

11. Green Leafy Vegetables:

If you are one of them who truly look for nutritious food to be healthy, then go for green leafy vegetables. This food will fill you up for more than hours, from kale to spinach every green leafy vegetable are loaded with essential nutrients and definitely keep hunger at bay.

12. Water:

Yes, drinking two glasses of water before having meals will make you feel full and you eat75-90 fewer calories. It has been scientifically proven that the people who drink two glasses of water before having meals will have less hunger compared with the people who didn’t.

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