16 Best Shower Tips to Keep Your Hair Healthy

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Maintaining healthy, thick and strong hair is quite impossible for the ladies these days. We often totally depend on saloons and hair products to maintain healthy hair. Even we don’t know how to wash our hair, until it results out in damaging day by day.

So, it’s time to follow some tips to maintain healthy hair while showering. This article will help you to know best shower tips for your hair.

Tips For Shampooing:

#1 Don’t Forget To Steam Your Hair Before Shampooing:

All the pores on your scalp usually clogged up with oil and dirt. Steaming is the best way to remove all dirt from your scalp. You just need to soak a wash towel in hot water and wring out the excess water. Now wrap this towel around your head and let it remain for 20 minutes before shampooing.

#2 Massage Your Scalp:

Massage your steamed hair with your fingers for few minutes. This process will help to loosen up all the dirt and remove it easily.

#3 Never Use Hot Water:

The heat from hot water will open the cuticles and allow moisture to escape from it. Whereas, the cool or lukewarm water will close the cuticles of hair follicles and lock moisture often result in shiner and smoother hair.

#4 Use Paraben And SLS Free Shampoo:

Parabens and SLS are known to be chemicals that cause skin irritation and allergic reactions on your scalp. It’s better use shampoos that are free from sulphates and parabens.

#5 Apply Shampoo And Massage Your Scalp:

The purpose of shampoo is to remove dirt and dead skin cells on your scalp. Take required amount of shampoo and massage gently on the roots of your scalp. Massaging in circular motion will also help to improve blood circulation of your hair follicles and boosts hair growth. Don’t rub it on the lengths of your hair, because it might result in making it dry, dull and lifeless.

#6 Don’t Wash Your Hair:

The shampoos you use for your hair are loaded with chemical, using them daily results in extremely dry and brittle. It’s better to wash your hair for twice or thrice in a week.

Tips For Conditioning:

#1 Condition With Oil Before Shower:

The good way to moisturize your hair is by massaging your scalp and hair with little amount of coconut oil before one hour of your hair wash. The oil will help to penetrate hair shaft and nourish it from roots and gives shiny and softer look.

#2 Towel Dry Before Conditioning:

After shampooing your hair, wrap towel to your head to soak up all the excess water from your hair and then apply conditioner. The conditioner will absorb easily in to towel dried hair and prevent it from frizzing it up.

#3 Don’t Apply Too Much Conditioner:

Applying too much amount of conditioner often result in look super greasy.

#4 Don’t Apply Conditioner On Your Scalp:

Applying conditioner on your scalp will form a buildup and clog your pores, this will lead to increase hair fall and reduce the hair growth.

#5 Don’t Leave The Conditioner For Too Long:

If you think leaving conditioner for too long on your hair make it more smoother and shiner. Then you are totally wrong, it often results it make it to look more greasy.

 Tips For Drying:

#1 Use Cotton T Shirt Or Microfiber Towel:

All terry cloth towels will soak out the moisture from your hair while removing the excess water. These towels will frizz up your hair and leads to breakage. Use cotton t shirt or micro fiber towel to protect your hair to lock moisture.

#2 Don’t Rub It Aggressively:

Many people will rub their hair aggressively which might result in damaging and breaking down easily. Better wrap your hair it with cotton T-shirt and then pat dry.

#3 Don’t Use Blower:

The heat from the blower will damage your hair from the roots and make it look dry and dull. Let your hair dry on its own or better to use blower in cool setting.

Tips For Detangling:

#1 Don’t Detangle Your Hair When It Is Wet:

Your hair must be very delicate and more prone to breakage when it is still wet. The best ways is to wait until it gets dry up to 75% then brush your hair.

#2 Detangle When There Is Conditioner In Your Hair:

Detangling your hair is one of the best ways to avoid loosing of too much hair. Use a wide tooth comb from the lower end of your hair to prevent knots and frizziness of your hair.

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