Unusual Ways To Soothe A Sunburn You Won’t Believe Actually Work

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It might be fun running in to the beach to have a nice cool breathe especially in summer! But, it make you feel embarrassed when you see sunburn on your body and stop you to wear your favorite dress.

How many times you stop yourself from getting in to your way, here we go with best natural remedies and unusual ways to prevent sunburns on your body.

apple cider vinegar for sunburn

#1 Honey

People have been using honey to heal wounds from thousands of years. Some studies on honey have concluded that honey works better than some antibiotics by speeding up healing, reduces the pain and even prevent bacteria which cause infection.

You can directly apply raw honey on the affected areas to get instant results.

#2 Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is considered as one of the effective home remedy to treat rashes and sun burns. Due to its anti septic and anti fungal properties, it acts as a detoxifying agent on your skin and help you get relief from the burns.

You just need to dab a cotton ball in tea spoon of apple cider vinegar and apply it on the affected area and wash it off after some time.

#3 Try Oatmeal Bath

One of the frustrating things of experiencing sunburns is itching and redness over the affected area. To get instant relief from the burn and soothe its pain, run a lukewarm bath and add one cup of ground oats in bath tub.

Soak yourself for more than 15-20 minutes. The inflammatory properties in oatmeal will moisturize your skin and help you to get relief from itching and redness of your skin.

#4 Try Bath Of Baking Soda

Baking soda works wonder on your skin especially for sun burns. It acts as exfoliating agent on your skin and the inflammatory properties in baking soda will help to get relief from redness and itchiness of your skin due to sun burns.

Just pour a cup or two cups of baking soda in your bath tub and soak yourself for 15 minutes. It might act harsh on your skin and give you good result what you are   looking for.

#5 Press Tea Bags On your Burns

Tea bags are loaded with numerous anti inflammatory and anti oxidant properties which help to get relief from burns easily.

All you need to do is, just prepare chamomile tea by using tea bags. Now remove them once they are warm enough to touch. Now press them on your affected areas for some time.

#6 Soak In Milk

Apart from drinking you can also apply it on your affected areas to get relief. The high content of PH, fat and proteins in milk will automatically reduces the itchiness, pain and provide you relief.

Just soak yourself in milk for some time or else if you don’t have handy enough milk to soak. Then soak a wash cloth in a bowl of cool milk and apply it on the affected areas of your skin.

#7 Yogurt

Yogurt is an excellent ingredient that can easily available in your kitchen and it’s amazing in treating burnt skin. The anti bacterial properties of yogurt will keep infections at bay and it has been known provide immediate coolness to burnt skin when it applied topically.

#8 Cold Vaseline

Keeping Your Skin hydrated and moisturized is the best way to reduce sunburn on your skin. Vaseline will help to keep your skin moisturized and protect your skin.

Put Vaseline in refrigerator, until it is cool enough to touch, and then apply it on your burnt areas the coolness will soothe your sun burn and Vaseline will improve healing process.

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