5 Useful Tips To Stay Safe When Flying While Pregnant

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Travelling must be exciting not to be considered once but always, especially when you are a pregnant. Most pregnant women will take at least one trip during the nine month journey to motherhood.

Second trimester is the best time for pregnant women to fly, because this is the time they usually aren’t as sick and as tired as in the first trimester and travelling is pretty safe for women with low risk pregnancies.

Even though it is safe, it’s better to plan everything before you fly. Make sure you have visited your doctor and have clear list of precautions and tips to follow before and during your flight to stay safe and healthy.

Here are 5 useful tips to stay safe when flying while pregnant:

useful tips while traveling during pregnancy

#1 Choose The Destination With Care:

Make sure that the destination is safe for lady you are taking. That means good air quality, safe drinking water, and low risk food borne diseases. It’s always better to discuss the place with your doctor to know whether it’s a better place for pregnant women to feel safe!

#2 Time The Trip Wisely:

For most women, the first trimester of pregnancy is linked with nausea, vomiting and morning sickness and the third trimester will lead to little bigger and uncomfortable. So it’s better to take her in second trimester, and try to avoid travelling after 32 weeks of pregnancy. Consult your doctor before travelling because most airlines require note from your doctor.

#3 Carry Healthy Snacks And Fluids:

It’s important to carry healthy food and snacks while you travelling. Women would be hungrier and dehydrated when she is carrying a baby. Of course this also means she needs to use rest room more, so it’s better to ask for aisle seat on the plane and knowing how far it is to the next rest area is a good idea too.

#4 Take Short Breaks:

Sitting in the same place for too much time will make her uncomfortable. So it’s better to move around and frequent breaks are required for women to feel less stressed and comfortable while travelling. Usually, a short break, more water is needed for her to continue the journey.

#5 Don’t Forget To Take Medical Kit:

Pregnant women are always recommended to take her medical kit along with her to all the risk factors and to maintain healthy atmosphere around her. It should definitely include like anti nausea bands, some energy gaining tablets and her prenatal vitamins.

Remove medicines she can’t have now due to the pregnancy, pre check the medical kit twice before you start to fly.

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