12 Things to Discuss At the 6 Week Postpartum Visit

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As a new mom, you might see many changes in your life after bringing your baby in to your home. New responsibilities, new habits and new diet everything might give you in some stress and often many moms tend to forget their postpartum visit with doctors.

But, it is obviously important to visit your doctor after 6 weeks of postpartum, so that you will be strong enough to be a healthy mom for your baby.

Mom needs to organize her baby team before she schedules appointment with her doctor.  Here is the list of 12 things mom should discuss with doctor after 6 weeks of postpartum which is essential to protect your baby to be healthy.

12 Things To Discuss At Visit Of 6 Week Postpartum

#1 Delivery Experience:

Sharing the experience of delivery with the doctor like what was the time, and what was going in hospital at your delivery time? Is necessary.

Because, some women get upset when they try for natural childbirth and wind up with emergency C section birth. It’s best for mom to understand what exactly happened and why if affected your baby.

#2 Menstrual Cycle:

The period cycle of every month would not be same after child birth. The amount of days you’re heavy and light and the duration change after birth of a child.

It’s better to discuss about menstrual cycle with your doctor. Schedule your visit with OB/ GYN when you are not on your period.

#3 Family Planning:

It’s quite necessary for a mom to think about family planning. Mom need to consider how old she is and whether she is ready to give birth to other child within 5 hours.

She also needs to think about the support she has to have another baby. Talk to your doctor about when is the best time to have another baby and prepare your mind with calmness and take the decision.

#4 Relationship Status:

Check your relationship status, if you and your partner are not ready to have another child then have a discussion about the situation.

Check your marital status, whether you are married or still studying or doing job everything matters in handling a baby. If you don’t think your relationship with your spouse won’t last more than five years then give relationship checkup too.

Take your spouse for 6 week postpartum check up to understand what’s going on with your health and body. Choose right decision wisely to make a next move.

#5 Breastfeeding And Care:

During your 6 week checkup of postpartum, discuss the experience of breastfeeding to your baby. What has changed from last few days or do you face any difficulties while breastfeeding baby?  Also let the doctor know how often you’re nursing your baby.

According to a study in American college of obstetrics, breastfeeding baby for about 6 months after birth will decrease the amount of bleeding, reduce the size of uterus and even reduce the risk of cancer and cervical cancer.

#6 Chest Health:

If you decide to nurse your infant following child birth, then you need to know the importance of mammary glands. Consult your doctor immediately if you find any changes in your breast tissues.

Breast tissues change through your pregnancy, child birth and nursing process, the longer you nurse you will find more changes.

#7 Postpartum Depression:

More than 70 percent of moms will experience this condition after child birth. The symptoms like mood swings, anxiety and crying spells is quite common after 2 to 3 days after child birth that lasts more than 2 weeks.

But sometimes, these symptoms will last longer and get worse. Talk therapy is the best thing to get out of these symptoms easily.

Just take a walk in the sunshine with your loved ones. Talk to other new moms, listen to happy music. If you see no changes after trying these simple tips, then reach out to your doctor and call your family and friends to take care of your baby.

#8 Personal Hygiene:

It’s difficult for a mom to have bath in bath tub after childbirth, she need to wait up to six months to take regular bath in her bathtub.

Carrying cold packs will calm their swollen legs to feel comfortable when they sit down or lay down.

Moms should be aware of how many maxi pads are using regularly, just to tell your doctor. So that doctor can suggest you how to stay fresh and clean. It will take few weeks before you are completely clear if you had a vaginal birth.

#9 Cosmetic Surgery:

Some moms find their bodies turn in to another shape and size after carrying a baby for 9 months in their tummy.

Let your doctor give you recommendation of which cosmetic surgery will suit to your body to achieve desired results.

Many doctors say to wait until your last child, tummy tucks, augmentation and lifts will boost your self confidence.

#10 Birth Control Options:

Women should explore all birth control options with their doctor. Try to find out what birth control is successful and have least side effects.

#11 About Exercise:

If you’re exercising throughout your pregnancy, it is generally okay to start walking and some light upper body exercises. But always consult doctor before including exercises in your day routine after postpartum.

If you had C section or more complicated vaginal repair, then you should wait until your doctor tell you to proceed. Up to six weeks of postpartum you should not lift more than 10 pounds.

#12 Vaccines:

It is important to have vaccines for you and your baby to be healthy and strong. There may be some vaccines you should get postpartum that you were unable to get when you are pregnant. Be sure to check with your doctor that you are up to date.

Remember that there is no such thing that is dump when you reach to 6 week of postpartum. You have right to ask anything about your condition and have deep discussion with your doctor.

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