15 Celebrities Who Still Struggle With Acne Blemishes

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It’s hard for us to believe that even celebrities are also suffering with simple problems like acne! The fact is they are humans too, so you don’t need to worry because you are not alone anymore!

Let’s check out the celebrities who are struggling with acne in their lives.

15 Celebrities With Acne:

celebrities with acne lesions

#1 Katy Berry:

Katy berry often called as “California Girl” may look picture perfect. But she concluded that healthy diet is important for maintaining healthy skin. She said “Bad Skin Really make made me want to Hide” rather I would sleep with makeup if I had a severe bad breakout.

Luckily for us, she hasn’t let those feelings hold her back.

#2 Bella Throne:

Bella throne was incredibly open with her struggles with acne and instagram posts that explain her skin care regime. She said, “I remember the first time I saw my skin with little bumps under my skin and I was totally insecure when someone look at me or talk to me.

She even didn’t attend for premier, because she was afraid of people to see her.

#3 Kendal Jenner:

She revealed her struggle with acne after stepping out from golden globes red carpet with acne, she said next time we need to remember that the breakout of skin cannot hold us back again and again. Don’t let that shit stops you from your dreams.

#4 Lorde:

Lorde is also very open with her struggling due to acne on her skin. But that doesn’t mean she wants unsolicited advice, I mean even we don’t want to right!

In one of her vedio, she said “I can feel Your Pain” so we will get there. We will. I promise.

#5 Ruby Rose:

Ruby rose has opened herself about her skin and experience of acne in instagram after receiving hurtful comments on her pitch perfect premier skin for 3 times.

She said, yes it sucks… even am a human too I don’t know about others but if feels annoying sometimes. One side of my face is clear and other side is a mess. Putting everyone’s business she wrote what’s in her mind.

#6 Paris Jackson:

Paris Jackson is one of the famous actor has opened about her skin problem. She said, “Acne is Evrything” don’t be insecure of your skin and stretch marks on your face, do you know what else has spots? No, it’s a pizza yeah, everyone loves to have pizza right!

#7 SZA:

In an interview, SZA viewed about her acne and how she had handles with it. She said, “don’t be discouraged with your skin when it doesn’t do what you want to do and don’t blame the products you went through, give it some time to recover back to original position.

Because your skin takes much time to get back to its original tone.

#8 Kristen Storms:

Kristen storms revealed her skin condition in twitter in the year 2006 that she was taking a break for her movies because the work stress is the reason for breakouts on her skin.

#9 Chrissy Teigen:

Chrissy Teigen has dropped a video about menstruation breakouts that affect our skin. She said, period skin, so mad. She wrote while pointing out her blemishes.

#10 Rihanna:

Rihanna is not only a beauty queen of fenty, she also knows the struggle out hormonal breakouts. She said, “I expect my period breakouts like clockwork and I have an ugly day every month with pimples on my face.

I look fatter and in a bad mood, it almost like ugly week once in a month.

#11 Emma Stone:

The Oscar winner Emma stone pulled out her big guns when it comes to fighting her acne. She said I know how it debilating and frustrating it would be to handle such painful skin.

Whenever it’s been really bad, I have gone through dermatologist to get those cortisone shots, there are amazing and gives me comfort. There a kind of miracle. But also terrifying the huge needle comes out of our face every time, and no pain no gain.

#12 Shay Mitchell:

The pretty little liar star shay Mitchell have also gone through this painful experience in her life. She said, I sit and I cried continuously for 12 minutes, jokes apart it’s been really hard for me to bear that pain so” I put a light concealer with a beauty blender that it is wet and then say a prayer five times. And even avoid toothpaste on zits please.

#13 Meghan Markle:

The future princess Meghan markle told her cheap remedy about the experience of acne. Even though it’s an ugly experience to fight against those acne marks on your face “ I always use to carry little amount of small container f tea tree oil which works excellent for preventing acne and all mosquito bites, no matter what it’s my little cure”.

#14 Cameron Diaz:

In 2004 cameron shared her struggles with acne in her teens and twenties. She said” I had Terrible, terrible skin and I feel awkward and embarrassment and even frustrating. Sometimes I feel bad about myself too”. 

#15 Kaley Cuoco:

Kaley Cuoco has totally slaying the beauty game lately, but the things weren’t always the way the big star. She said” I had acne in teens and it was a certain insecure to face camera and probably not a good thing when you are on television series.

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