20 Surprising Uses of Breast Milk That You Probably Didn’t Know About

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As we already know that breastfeeding is the best way to feed your body and to keep the baby healthy always. Breast milk contains right amount of nutrients that can be easily digested and easily available for babies and it also provides optimal nutrition’s for babies.

There are many other amazing uses of breast milk other than feeding it to your baby. Breast milk contains incredible healing properties which might help you in many other ways.

uses of breast milk

20 Unexpected Uses Of Breast Milk:

#1 Prevent Eye Infections:

A few drops of breast milk in addition to clear eye dropper in to an infected eye will help to get rid of infection quickly compared with eye drops. It also helps to prevent conjunctivitis.

#2 Cures Ear Infections:

The antibodies found in breast milk will help to get rid of ear infection. You just need to put few drops of breast milk in to the infected ear in the entrance of the ear canal cures ear infection.

#3 Treats Sore Throats:

Gargling little amount of breast milk once n a day, will help in alleviating sore throats and mouth sores too.

#4 Cradle Cap:

Apply little amount of breast milk on baby’s scalp a few times a day.

#5 Colds And Flu:

Breast milk help to get relief from cold and flu quicker when compared with medicines.

#6 Reduces Skin Rashes:

Breast milk has the capability to reduce rashes on your skin. Apply breast milk on the affected area and allow it to dry. Breast milk will clean the skin and prevent flare-ups.

#7 Stuffy Nose:

If you are struggling with stuffy nose, then breast milk give you great relief. Just squirt few drops in to baby’s nose while he is lying down, this is great alternative for medicines.

#8 Prevents Diaper Rash:

Use breast milk to prevent rashes of diaper and doesn’t use if baby have yeast infection.

#9 Great Immune Booster:

Drinking one glass of breast milk will boost the immune system of children and keep them away from falling ill.

#10 Eye Puffiness:

To remove puffiness of your eyes, dab a cotton ball in little amount of breast milk and apply it on your eyes.

#11 Heals Cracked Lips:

Breast milk will moisturize your lips and help them heal faster.

#12 Excellent For Dry Skin:

Breast milk acts as excellent moisturizer for dry skin.

#13 Cleanses Your Skin:

Breast milk cleanses your skin and makes it smooth and clean.

#14 Make Up Remover:

Breast milk can easily remove your makeup and nourishes your skin.

#15 Acts As Disinfectant:

Apply breast milk to open wound to disinfect it and allow it to dry.

#16 Relieves The Itching Of Insect Bites:

Apply little amount of breast milk on insect bites which will help to get rid of itching.

#17 Removes warts:

Apply breast milk regularly until the warts fall off on its own.

#18 Treats Sore Nipples:

Just apply breast milk on the affected areas to heal them faster and prevent them from cracking.

#19 As Cakes And Lollipops:

Cakes and lollipops made from breast milk are good for your teeth.

#20 Treats Sun Burn:

Apply breast milk directly on the affected area to treat sun burn.

So, these are the unexpected uses of breast milk that you have never heard off! Give a try to benefit more.

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