8 Clever Face Mask Hacks We Learned from Celebrities

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It’s always not possible to wait for hours until the face pack dries, to attend a birthday party or going out with friends to chill out? Probably, yes so that the reason celebrities like share Mitchell and Victoria Beckham genius hacks to improve or elevate your face mask experience that much higher and to minimize the waste.

Check out 8 celebrity face mask hacks that help us to change our thinking for skin care stable forever.

8 Clever Face Masks From Celebrities

#1 Use Brush To Apply Clay Mask:

Shay Mitchell came with a clever face mask hack to make sure the clay stays much longer on her face. She said, make up brush not only used for applying foundation or concealer, it also helps in spreading clay mask for even look.

#2 Use Face Mask To Tighten Your Butt:

Face masks don’t need to remain on your face according to the famous singer Madonna. In an interview, she said “she uses clay mask on her ass to smooth and soften the skin for baring performances, “there isn’t one product that I didn’t applied on each part of my body”.

#3 Add Apple Cider Vinegar In Clay Mask:

Mindy kaling, mixes her powerful cleaning clay mask with apple cider vinegar, she posted in instagram that “mixing apple cider vinegar with the product will help her in deep cleansing of pores is better than simply sticking to her run-off-the-mill clay mask”.

#4 Find Face Mask You Can Eat:

Salma hayak came up with a way to kill two birds with one stone, because even our skin gets hungry during skin care routine. She said, apply skin mask and drink a smoothie. The smoothies which contain super foods and healthy boosting ingredients like papaya and avocado are not only great to put on your skin they also enhance the skin internally.

#5 Use Yogurt And Turmeric For DIY Face Mask:

Priyanka chopra mixes yogurt and turmeric and slaters the concertion over her face. She said, using turmeric and yogurt face mask will make my skin glow, it is an Indian trick where the turmeric is a healer for your skin”.

#6 Apply Left Over Eye Mask Serum On your Chest And Neck:

Kendall Jenner also has clever hack to make sure eye ounce of her eye mask will give her perfect look. This kardashians star revealed she takes any leftover eye serum in her eye mask wrapper and rub it unto her neck and chest.

Eye mask has tons of rejuvenating properties that helps to reduce redness and inflammation.

#7 Rub Face Mask Serum With Jade Roller:

Beckham also minimizes waste by countering her face mask serum in jade roller. Every time after she removes sheet mask, she used to jade roller and rub every drop of serum on her body to prevent dripping of products from her face.

#8 Use Sheet Mask Guaze For Your Neck:

Victoria Beckham Has clever hack to use every part of her face mask to minimize waste and get more bang for your buck. This fashion designer said “the actual face mask comes wrapped in gauge, which I used for neck too”.

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