Here Is Why Japanese Women Look Slim And Younger Than Their Age

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Most of the Japanese women have a perfect shaped body and look young than their age.

The people who live about a hundred are mostly in Japan.

Below are top reasons why Japanese women stay slim and don’t look old.

#1 Drinking green tea

Green tea is not only delicious but it is one of the healthiest teas in the world. It contains rich antioxidants that help to fight free radicals and plays a vital role in weight loss.

Green tea contains caffeine and the amino acid l-theanine.

#2 Popular seafood

A wide array amount is enjoyed in Japanese cuisine, and many different types of seafood can be found in their daily meals. Seafood is common in every ingredient like curry, soup, salad, sushi, and tempura. It is served grilled alongside rice.

Seafood is a rich source of nutrients as it’s full of protein, minerals, and vitamins like B and D vitamins, omega 3 fatty acids and much more.

The omega 3 fatty acids are found in seafood have many health benefits. By taking the seafood you can reduce the risk of cardiovascular events like heart attack and stroke.

Seafood can also lower the risk of age-related macular degeneration. And also has the potential to treat depression, support proper brain growth in babies and children.

#3 Eat smaller portions

japanese woman slim

Serving smaller portion is the part of Japanese culture. Smaller portions size can make you eat less. Japanese serve in smaller plates to look portions large, that helps to eat less.

It turns to prevent unintentional overeating and high-calorie intake. The basic foundations of Japanese home-cooked presentation include:

  • Fresh is best
  • Do not serve big portion in any item
  • Do not completely fill up the plates

#4 Walking is a ritual

Walking is weight-bearing exercise. In Japan, both men and women walk a lot; it is the exercise to remain slim. Not only walking helps to lose weight, but it improves cardiovascular health, boosts energy and mood, and also helps to relieve stress.

In Japan school children walk to school, instead of dropping off by their parents.

Walking for at least 30 minutes can help you to gain strong bones, improve balance, increases your muscle strength.

#5 Eating on go is a big no-no

It’s difficult to find time to sit down and eat one meal in these days because everyone is so stressed and busy it’s almost impossible nowadays.

But in their culture it is impolite to eat while you are on the go. They devote time to every meal to sit down and focus on food.

You will also manage your emotions better, as overeating can often come from stress, depression.

#6 Healthy cooking methods

The Japanese healthy cooking method follows four cooking methods:

  • Agemono : It is a prominent way and similar to deep fry but uses healthier batter like tempura.
  • Mushimono : The food which is prepared by streaming.
  • Nimono : The boiled food refers to nimono.
  • Yakimono : Which is a form of broiling.

Streaming food is the healthiest option. Streaming does cooks and seals in flavor, which eliminates the additional fat during preparation. Streaming is a quick and easy way to prepare a whole meal. It can be meat or vegetables.

Broiling food is the healthiest method. This is a dry-heat method of cooking, so no water or oil is needed.

#7 Practicing martial arts

There many styles of Japanese martial arts. Some include:

  • Aikido: A style of fighting that aims to be peaceful in nature and based on self-defense.
  • Laido: This begins in the 15th This is the form of sword fighting.
  • Sumo: The most known for its extraordinary large participants.
  • Karate: Karate is also known as the way of the empty hands, which focuses on straight forwarding punches and kicking techniques.
  • Judo: One of the most well-known style and an Olympic sport.

Martial art improves stamina, flexibility, endurance, and strength and also improves cardiovascular health.

This plays an important role in weight loss.

#8 Hot spring bath

Hot springs are hugely popularity in Japan. They are of many types. They can be out-door or in-door and mixed genders or separated.

Soaking in hot springs is known as balneotherapy, it as many health benefits. Balneotherapy can reduce stress and promote sleep.

The mineral-rich water can also naturally relieve skin issues like psoriasis, dryness, and eczema.

It is the popular choice for routine medical care.

#9 Healthy desserts

Healthy dessert like fruit sandwiches, green tea meringue cookies, and pumpkin pie are popular choices in Japan.

But western deserts tend to be high in refined flow, sugar caramel, and other fattening ingredients, they are many ways to make western fatty desert into healthy deserts by swapping out the bad ingredients for the good.

The use of brown sugar instead of white, using whole wheat instead of refined, using cocoa powered instead of chocolate, using coconut or rice milk instead of full cream milk.

#10 Regular social growth

Though Japan is still a capitalist country, it is very different when compared to the rest of the world. They spend a lot of time with their friends.

In Japan, nobody suffers from an age-related mental illness. Regular social growth habit habituated ever since an early age.

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