How to Prevent Swelling During Pregnancy – Natural Remedies

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During pregnancy every women body undergoes several changes like hormonal imbalance, fatigue, weight gain, morning sickness and many more. One of the most common symptoms woman go through is swelling of legs, feet and ankles.

However, the majority women experience swelling of legs and ankles, here are some simple ways to prevent swelling during pregnancy in an ease way.

But, before that let’s see why women experience swelling during pregnancy.

Why Do Women Experience Swelling During Pregnancy?

There are 3 main reasons why women experience swelling during pregnancy.

  • Women tend to produce more blood than usual for healthy growth of baby throughout pregnancy.
  • Women body undergoes several hormone changes and walls of veins become softer which ultimately make them to work harder.
  • As the baby grows, uterus took pressure and slightly blocks the veins that return blood from legs to the heart.

A Little amount of blood leaks through tiny blood vessels in to the tissues and leads to the cause of swelling legs and ankles.

How To Prevent Swelling Legs And Ankles During Pregnancy?

Here are some simple ways, you need to follow to prevent swelling of legs and ankles during pregnancy.

#1 Drink More Water

This is one of the best ways to prevent swelling of your legs, drinking more water helps in reducing excess fluids in your body. Water helps to flush out your tissues to prevent swelling.

Aim to drink more than 12 ounces of water per day, drinking plenty of water helps to prevent constipation, urinary tract infection and fatigue.

 #2 Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise optimizes the circulatory system, so that excess water cannot be stored in your legs and feet. It also helps in healthy functioning of your body along with your baby.

#3 Always Sleep On Your Left Side

Sleeping on your left side puts less pressure on your veins and helps in proper circulating of blood from legs to heart. Use pillows while sleeping and keeps your legs elevated. This simple trick will help to reduce swelling in your legs.

#4 Don’t Sit Or Stand For Too Long

Make sure to not sit or stand for long hours. If you have to stand for long hours don’t forget to take short breaks and sit for a while. And if you want to sit for too many hours make yourself comfortable by standing in between.

#5 Wear Comfortable Shoes

Ankles and feet swelling during pregnancy will make you uncomfortable with your old shoes. Make yourself comfortable by choosing the right ones during pregnancy.

The best option is to use athletic shoes which help you in reducing pain as well as swelling during pregnancy.

#6 Healthy Diet

During pregnancy it is compulsory to avoid all junk and processed foods. Eat more healthy fruits and vegetables and include foods which are rich in vitamin C and vitamin E.

A healthy diet obviously results in healthy and proper functioning of body too.

#7 Reduce Intake Of Salt

Excess amount of salt in your diet retain fluids in your body and make swelling worse. Include foods with low salt and avoid adding salt o your meals.

#8 Wear Compression Socks

Compression socks helps in relieving pain and prevent fluid retention in your legs, ankles and feet. Always choose the ones that make you comfortable.

#9 Reduce Intake Of Caffeine

Excess amount of caffeine will increase the amount of fluid you need to eliminate through urine. It even makes you to feel dehydrate, so it’s better to reduce the intake of caffeine in your regular routine.

#10 Follow Some Simple Therapies

A gentle massage with coconut oil or any essential oil will help in reducing swelling of your feet and legs.

You can also drink herbal teas regularly to reduce swelling.

Do consult your doctor before including anything in your diet.

Swelling is a temporary symptom and that easily goes away after child birth. But you need to follow some simple tips to avoid it to prevent swelling as soon as your baby born.

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