Top 10 iPhone Apps for Losing Weight And Getting In Shape

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Here we have the best weight loss apps you can download to get shaped and lose weight. These apps guide you in reducing weight loss. You also don’t need to pay big bucks for an expert to help you out. These apps help you to track calories and weight loss easily.

It helps you stick with your plan to eat healthier and keep weight off.

Whenever you are work outing in a gym, these apps will guide you to monitor your activity and track your calories easily.

Tracking with a smartphone helps nearly twice as much weight loss than using a website or a pen and paper

While using weight loss apps you must focus on 3 main keys. They are:

  • Food logging
  • Activities, and
  • Motivation

You need to combine these things focus to lose weight.

#1 Run keeper

Run keeper is free weight loss app for iPhone and Android that helps you achieve sustainable healthy weight loss. The app features personalized for goal-setting tools and GPS integration. This app helps to track where you go, and it also lets you to compete with others via challenges.

#2 Nike + Run Club

Nike+ is a free weight loss app for iPhone and Android. This app keeps you motivated by allowing them to connect with another runner and challenge your friends. It also helps to track your running status, everything from pace and elevation.

#3 Fitbit

Fitbit is a free weight loss app for iPhone and Android. This app also helps you be more active, eat better, shed pounds and even help to have good sleep.

One of the biggest benefits of this app is that if your friend is already in Fitbit you can compare with them in the challenge. This app will keep you motivated and engaged.

When you need help in the workout you can check out the fit star section to get help with personalized tailored workouts to you.

#4 Fitness Buddy

You can get Fitness buddy app for $3.99 on iPhone and $2.99 on android. It gives more than 1,700 exercises to choose from to stick your plan. This app guides your progress by 1,000+ videos.

#5 Lose it

Lose it is a free weight loss app for iPhone and Android. This app helps you out with calories count for the food you take in. It helps you to create a personalized weight loss.

You can create a goal with a group of friends and challenge yourself and get support from the group you stay in.

With a $39.99 premium option this app provides much more tracking, meal planning, and other upgrades.

#6 Noom coach

Noom coach is a free weight loss app for iPhone and Android. This app turns your phone into a weight loss support hub. This app has doctor created program to help you regulate high blood pressure and diabetes. It supports you to maintain a healthy diet.

A premium subscription is also available.

#7 My fitness pal

My fitness pal app service is free for iPhone and Android users. There are also apps for Blackberry and Windows phone. It helps to set a healthy diet goal and exercise goal.

In this app, there is an option to find friends and connect with your contacts through Facebook for support and motivational. It also includes access to a million food and items in a searchable database that helps you to plan your diet.

#8 8fit – Fit for You

The 8fit app is free to start with limited workouts but to get the full benefits you have to buy the pro subscription for $5 (per month) or $10 (a month with just 3 months commitment).

You can customize this app based on your personalized exercise and diet plan.

#9 Fooducate

Foducate is free to weight loss app for iPhone or Android.

With this app you can scan nutrition label food using the camera on your smartphone and see a grade you’re eating; it can also log or track your food intake along with sleep and exercise.

#10 Weight watcher

Weight watcher is a service free app for iPhone or Android. It allows you to share your pictures and your favorite recipes.

You can track your diet, physical activities and personalized diet profile that helps you set a healthy diet.

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