10 Celeb Approved Face Mask Recipes That You Can Try

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Sometimes, we wonder how celebrities look gorgeous no matter what! Well, the unknown fact is celebrities go incredible lengths to slow down their ageing process and maintain their glowing complexions.

Even many of the celebrities will go major surgeries and use expensive skin and hair products to maintain the glow of their skin. Apart from these things, here are some celebrities who are addicted to some natural face masks that help to maintain their beauty in a natural way.

If you are looking for natural way to clear all your skin problems, then these amazing celebrities approved DIY face masks recipes in your skin care routine.

Let’s see those 10 face mask recipes that can try easily at your home which was approved by 10 gorgeous celebrities.

Check out these amazing recipes shown below:

#1 Kendal Jenner- Egg Whites And Lemon:

Kendal Jenner revealed her DIY face mask recipe in her website, she uses egg white and lemon to maintain clear skin.

Jenner said to prepare her mask to fight against acne firstly she separates egg white from the yolk and whisking white until it’s frothy. Then she adds the juice from half lemon and mixes them together.

After applying the mask for 30 minutes, she rinses it off with cool water leaving her with a clear complexion. According to Jenner, the egg white helps in shrink her pores and lemon juice balances the PH levels of  skin.

#2 Priyanka Chopra- Sea Water And Rose Water Lip Scrub:

The ‘Quantico Star’ Priyanka Chopra has revealed her beauty hack and simple DIY recipe in a video for vogue. She used to mix a pinch of sea salt with few drops of rose water and pure glycerin to create wonderful lip scrub that leaves her lips pinker and smoother all day long.

If you want to brighten the color, chopra recommend adding few drops of lemon juice to mixture.

#3 Olivia Culpo- Honey And Avocado:

To hydrate her skin in colder months Olivia uses honey and avocado mask in her skin care routine. She said, this simple DIY recipe will leave her skin moisturized in drier winter months and clean her skin.

She also said, the vitamin E in avocado is really really good and honey contains anti bacterial properties that protect your skin especially in winter and I love to make it.

#4 Jessica Alba- Coconut Oil, Yogurt And Coffee:

The actor Jessica alba, revealed her simple DIY face mask on an episode of Dr. Oz Show, in which she mixed half cup of full fat plain Greek yogurt with a table spoon of ground coffee and a table spoon of coconut oil.

She said, the mask is just from the kitchen that you can round up and use to make your skin more beautiful.

Whenever she feels greasy from daylong makeup, she uses coconut oil with lemon juice for lighter mask on her skin.

#5 Erin Heatherton – Honey And Greek Yogurt:

The model Erin Heatherton reaches to her cupboard from time to time to make DIY simple face mask with honey and Greek yogurt to hydrate her dry skin. This easy mixture will leaves her skin smooth, bacteria free and clear skin.

She said, ‘one time I was at my friends home and my skin felt really dry, then I saw honey in their cupboard so I mixed it with little amount of Greek yogurt and put it on my face’.

#6 Kate Middleton- Nutella:

The duchess of the Cambridge might have best skin care disposals, but to hydrate her skin she use nutella the complete natural product.

According to duchess beautician, spreading nutella on her face not only moisturizes her skin, it also acts as excellent exfoliant due to its small sugar crystals and even thanks to fatty acids present in it.

She said, the essential fatty acids in this ingredient are really good and within seven days the skin becomes moist and sheeny.

#7 Shay Mitchells- Beets For Lips:

The actress shay Mitchell is a lover of makeup, in an interview with INSIDER she revealed that she cuts up beets and swashed them on her lips to give them bright natural rosy pink lips that lasts all day.

She said, I will rub them on my lips when I want to have natural rosy tint for the whole day, because it does really last”.

#8 Kristen Bell- Olive Oil And Brown Sugar Body Scrub:

The beautiful actress Kristen bell head up to kitchen to make her own body scrub with brown sugar, olive oil and honey. She applies this scrub in the shower to remove dead skin cells, moisturize and clean her body”.

She said, I also love to make body scrubs in the shower that leaves my skin clean and healthy.

#9 Helena Christensen- Papaya Peel And Coffee Body Scrub:

Helena Christensen’s the iconic super models in 90’s, has revealed her natural beauty DIY hack in well+good that she uses coffee grounds as natural scrub in shower and papaya as a body peel.

She said, it’s not weird to me for using coffee grounds for scrubbing my body, coffee contains acids and anti oxidants that fights against inflammation and enzymes in papaya acts as natural exfoliant.

#10 Scarlett Johansson- Apple Cider Vinegar For Toning:

In an interview with ELLE Uk, the actress Scarlett Johansson revealed her simple DIY face mask recipe that she uses apple cider vinegar to maintain her PH balance and heal breakouts on her skin.

She said it’s a nice way to treat your skin if you don’t want to use all harsh chemicals on your skin to damage it. It is quite sticky but effective in healing your skin easily.

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