10 Side-Effects of Tattoo You Must Need Before You Get A Tattoo

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These days, tattoos have become the way for young people to express their identity. However, everyone loves to follow trend whether it in dressing, hair styles or something interesting like tattoos on their bodies.

A tattoo is nothing but a design that is etched on the skin with the help of a needle pierces slightly to the outermost layer of the skin and inserts ink drop to create a design.

Well, the ink stays permanent on your skin. The design will be completed by using small tattoo machines which come with needle to work on your skin.

If you are one of them who is craving to get tattoos on your body, then it is better to know about the possible 10 side effects of tattoos.

10 Side Effects Of Tattoos:

#1 Infections:

The ink in needles to design a tattoo can contain bacteria which lead to cause of skin infections. The pain, redness is the common symptoms if you are infected.

#2 Allergies:

The needle used for tattoo can irritate your skin, when it is exposed to sun and certain skin allergies can easily occur.

#3 Hepatitis:

If the needles are reused, then there is a chance of spreading HIV and aids. It is highly recommended to avoid places they don’t follow any hygienic standards.

#4 Skin Issues:

Some people may experience bumps around the tattoo design. This is one of the common symptom can be seen in many people. 

#5 Eczema Flare-ups:

You might have chance to experience the skin condition called eczema flare-up on your skin after tattooing.

#6 Scars:

If the ink used for tattoos is not tolerated by your skin, then it results in forming scars on your skin.

#7 Formation Of Bruises:

During tattoo, the skin cells may get damaged and results in formation of bruises on your skin.

#8 Skin Cancer:

The tattoo ink may cause toxins to enter the blood stream that will lead to cause of skin cancer.

#9 Swelling:

Sometimes the toxins and other components present in tattoo ink react to the temperature of skin and results in swelling and discomfort in the affected areas during MRI exams.

#10 Blood Borne Diseases:

If the equipment used to create the tattoo is contaminated with infected blood, then you can contract various blood borne diseases.

If you decided to get tattoo on your body, then here are some tips you need to follow to protect your skin from all types of allergies.

Tips To Follow:

  • Avoid the exposure of sun to your skin.
  • Use mild moisturizer on the tattoo area for few times in a day.
  • Avoid swimming and stay away from the pools.
  • Choose your clothing carefully, don’t let your clothes stick to your tattoo
  • Allow 2 weeks for healing and don’t pick any scabs that can increase the risk of infections and damage your skin.

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