27 Health Benefits of Radish and Why You Need to Consume It Often

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Radish is one of the most common vegetables which is hate by most of the people and love by some people. Well, every part of the radish like leaves, flowers and seeds are loaded with numerous nutrients, proteins and vitamins that are beneficial for our health.

This vegetable can found in different colors like red, white, black, purple and red. So, if you are one of them who resist eating this vegetable, then the health benefits of this wonderful vegetable will drag you to include it in your regular diet.

Check out amazing 27 health benefits of radish and why you need to consume it often in this article.

27 Health Benefits Of Radish:

#1 Rich In Anti Oxidants:

The anti oxidants present in radish protect the body against anti oxidant reactions and by products that lead us to face many diseases.

#2 Improves Metabolism:

Regular intake of radish helps in boosting the metabolism process in your body by improving the functionality of internal organs.

#3 Helps In Weight Loss:

The non digestible carbohydrates and the high water content in radishes help you in weight loss. It also helps you in avoiding accumulation of fat and excess calories in your body.

#4 Maintains Heart Health:

Like many other vegetables, radish has the capability to reduce bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol and prevent all types of heart diseases.

#5 Provides Liver Health:

The powerful detoxifying agents in radish will remove the toxins and waste products from the liver and even purifies your blood.

#6 Treats Jaundice:

Radish is extremely effective in treating jaundice by removing bilirubin and also keeps your production at a stable level.

#7 High In Fiber:

Radish contains high amount of fiber that can regulate bile production, safe guard your liver and gall bladder and acts great in taking care of water retention.

#8 Contains Essential Minerals:

Radish contains potassium, sodium, calcium and iron which are important in maintaining healthy body. All these minerals act as oxygen carriers, blood sugar controllers and pregnancy nutrients.

#9 Contains Anti Oxidant And Anti Bacterial Properties:

Radish roots are enriched with anti oxidant and anti bacterial properties that protect us from many diseases.

#10 Keeps You Hydrated:

The high water content in radish will keep you hydrated and make you look fresh throughout the day.

#11 Prevents Cancer:

The vitamin C and folic acid in radish curb the growth of cancerous cells in the body and prevents it. In fact, radish juice is known for treating colon cancer, stomach cancer and cancer in intestines.

#12 Contains Iron In Abundance:

Iron is an essential mineral that helps to keep all your cells healthy and strong. Radish is rich in iron content and has positive effects in maintaining your health.

#13 Controls Diabetes:

According to recent study, the radish root contains hypoglycemic and anti diabetic properties that helps in balancing your blood sugar levels and manage your diabetes in regular consumption.

#14 Treat Thyroid Problems:

Radish also contains sulphur and raphanin that helps in balancing the thyroid hormones in your body. It also helps in boosting your metabolism in a healthy way.

#15 Prevent Piles:

Radishes are considered as roughage that means they are composed of indigestible carbohydrates that fix constipation and water retention the major causes of piles.

Even radish juice soothes digestive and excretory system and thus relieves the symptoms of piles.

#16 Treats Urinary Disorders:

Radishes are diuretic in nature and increase the production of urine in your body. Radish juice cures inflammation and burning sensation while urinating. It also helps in removing toxins from the kidneys and avoids all types of urine disorders or infections.

#17 Treats Respiratory Disorders:

Radishes contain anti congestant properties that decrease the congestion of respiratory system including irritation of the nose, throat and lungs.

They also known to eliminate excess mucus in the throat and soothe the sore throat and relieve congestion by clearing the sinuses.

#18 Treats Fever:

Radish can easily lower the temperature of body and relive inflammation from fevers. It also acts as good disinfectants and prevents all types of infections during fever.

The best way to take it is by drinking glass of radish juice by adding little amount of black salt in it. 

#19 Treats Insect Bites:

The anti bacterial properties in radishes help to protect yourself from insect bites. Radish juice is also effective in reducing inflammation and swelling on the affected areas.

#20 Effective Against Hypertension:

Stress is the major cause for increasing blood pressure and leading us to experience hypertension in our lives. However, the high content of potassium in radishes will help you to control hypertension.

#21 Helps In Detoxification:

Radish acts as natural laxative and effective in eliminating all waste products and toxins from your body.

#22 Cools Your System:

Red radishes are often known as cooling foods that are effective in decreasing excessive heat within the body.

#23 Maintains Bones Health:

The seeds of radish contain high amount of calcium that strengthen your bones. Regular supply of calcium will results in forming stronger bones in your body.

#24 Strengthens Immunity:

The antioxidants present in radish helps in fighting against the free radicals and cell damage. It also helps in eliminating the accumulation of toxins in your body.

#25 Muscle Building And Repair:

Radishes are rich source of numerous proteins that helps in muscle building.

#26 Prevents Skin Diseases:

Vitamin C and antioxidants present in radishes are effective in reducing inflammation and in preventing various types of skin diseases.

#27 Works As Natural Cleanser:

Applying radish juice on your skin results in making it shiny and beautify. Include this in your beauty routine to maintain healthy skin.

All these benefits might tell you why you need to consume radish in your regular diet. Have it twice or thrice in a week to enjoy all its benefits and protect yourself from many health issues.

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