Few People Know That Conditioner Can Solve These 19 Problems

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Hair conditioner is the best thing to keep our hair smooth and silky all day long. But many people probably didn’t know that conditioner isn’t only for bathroom purpose. In fact this wonderful handy product we use everyday have multiple uses to make your life easier.

Check out simple 19 problems that can easily solved just by using conditioner.

#1 Shoe Care:

Winter is a great time to enjoy in the nature but those annoying white marks on your shoes drag you back to step outside.

You can easily avoid these snow and salt stains on your shoes by working with little amount of conditioner in to the fabric of the shoes before you step outside.

#2 Best makeup Remover:

Don’t worry, if you don’t have a nice makeup remover with your, because it can also be done using your conditioner.

#3 Hand Wash:

We do have some piece of cloth that can only wash by hand. Add some hair conditioner in a bucket of water and let them soak for few minutes. Rinse it off and dry them, this will leave your clothes soft and gentle to touch.

#4 For Shrinking Clothes:

How many times you would have washed your sweater only to take it out of the washer 2 sizes smaller. Well, this will no longer be an issue for you. Because adding a table spoon of conditioner in a bucket of water to soak that shrink piece. You will be amazed from the results once you took it out from the bucket.

#7 Take Care Of Your Cuticles:

If you have bit overgrown cuticles on your skin, then you just need to apply little amount of conditioner to soften them and push them back.

 #6 Perfect Shaving Gel:

If you are running out of shaving gel, then you can use this wonderful product for shaving your legs.

#7 Remove Grease:

Don’t worry if you find grease that hinges on the door. Hair conditioner works perfect for lubricating without ruining their look.

#8 For Cleaning makeup Brushes:

Hair conditioners are the best thing if you want to clean your makeup brushes.

#9 Easily Removes Stuck Ring:

Are struggling to remove finger on the ring, which was stucked? No worries, just rub some conditioner on the finger and the ring, now twist it around it will slide down instantly.

#10 Tangles Hair:

If you hair is tangled, simply combing it will not show you the way you needed. Mix little amount of conditioner with water and apply it on your hair, simple it will solve your problem.

#11 Hair Static:

Fuzzy hair? No problem, apply little amount of hair conditioner to gets your hair back in to the place and prevent it from getting fuzzy again.

#12 Protect Your Tools From Rust:

You can even protect your tools from getting rust. You just need to apply little amount of conditioner to polish them, they will shine like new ones.

#13 Clogged Drains:

If your drains are clogged and you don’t know what to do, then pour some conditioner and then rinse with water, problem solved.

#14 Clothes Smells Amazing:

If you add little amount of conditioner in your drier your clothes simply smell amazing.

#15 Perfect Polish metal:

If your tools need good polish, then conditioner works perfect to make them look new again. Polish them and wipe with a clean cloth afterwards.

#16 Take care Of Your Skin:

Adding little amount of conditioner to your water bath will leave your skin smooth and fresh.

#17 Remove Band aid Painlessly:

Apply some conditioner to the sticky edges of band aid to remove it smoothly.

#18 Freshen Up The Scent Of Any Room:

Mix table spoon of conditioner with glass of warm water and spray this in your room, it will leave every item in your house smelling clean and fresh.

#19 Fix Stucked Zippers:

When a zipper snags a piece of clothing, it seems like it nearly impossible to undo without tearing the fabric. But little conditioner will help you without tearing your fabric.

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