Flaxseed Can Help You With 13 Diseases Including Cancer

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Flaxseed is one of the most popular healthy foods which can’t be ignored by anyone. This healthy food is loaded with essential vitamins, minerals and healthy fats that have numerous benefits for our health.

Flax seeds are considered as one of the oldest crops that have been cultivated in Egypt and china. This wonderful super food was also using in ayurvedic medicine from ancient days.

It is a rich source of omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins and cellulose fibers. The healing properties of this wonderful ingredient is known since antiquity and recommended in the treatment of various diseases.

This is available in oil, supplements, tablets, capsules and floor that help to prevent certain health issues like cardiovascular diseases, reducing cholesterol etc.

Let’s see 13 diseases that can be easily cured by including flax seeds in your regular diet.

#1 Diabetes:

Including flax seeds in their diet is the best option for  people who are suffering with diabetes. Because flax seeds have the capability to stabilize blood sugar levels and reduces diabetes.

#2 Arthritis:

Flax seeds acts as natural laxative and helps in discharging the mucus that formed in the walls of intestines.

#3 Cough And Cold:

Due to high level of mucus, it is effective in reducing cough and cold.

#4 Menopause:

According to recent studies, it has been concluded that consumption of flax seeds in regular amounts helps for the women who are dealing with menopause problems because of its phyto estrogen and oligo elements.

#5 Relieves Mental Stress:

Consuming little amount of flax seeds will reduce the risk of depression and increase the ability to learn new things easily. It even improves your memory too.

#6 Prevents All Types Of Skin Diseases:

The regenerative properties in flax seeds help in reducing certain skin diseases like psoriasis, eczema and acne.

#7 Weight Loss:

Obesity is the host for many health issues, but it can easily prevent by just adding flax seeds in your diet. The vitamins and nutrients present in flax seeds helps in reducing the storage of fat and help them to break down in your body. Often results in loss of weight in your body.

#8 Relieves Constipation:

You just need to add two table spoons of flax seeds to 2 cups of boil water and stir it and allow them to steep for an hour.

Strain this mixture after few minutes and drink this mixture in the morning on an empty stomach to get rid of constipation.

#9 Prevents Stomach Ulcers And Gastritis:

The high amount of fiber and nutrients in flax seeds helps in preventing stomach ulcers and gastritis problems.

#10 Prevent Osteoporosis:

According to international journal of food safety, flat seeds are capable of reducing the condition called osteoporosis in post menopausal women and women with diabetes.

#11 Keeps Your Skin Healthy:

The healthy fatty acids such as omega 3 fatty acids in flax seeds minimize skin rashes, irritation and redness. It also helps to heal wounds faster.

#12 Prevents Heart Or cardiovascular Diseases:

Regular consumption of flax seeds helps in lowering the cholesterol levels and reduces heart or cardiovascular diseases.

#13 Prevents Ovarian And Prostate Cancer:

The anti oxidant and anti cancer properties in flax seeds helps in reducing the growth of cancer cells in the body and promotes healthy cells.

Recipes To Treat Health Conditions:

1. Recipe For Heart Diseases:

What you Need To Do:

  • Grind 2-3 table spoons of flax seeds and mix them with one cup of warm water and drink this mixture regularly to see beneficial results.

2. Recipe For Dry Cough:

What You Need To Do:

  • All you need to do is take equal amounts of flax seeds and black mallow.
  • And these two ingredients in a cup of boiling water by combining them together.
  • Let it steep for few minutes, then strain this solution and drink throughout the day.

3. Recipe For Skin Diseases:

What You Need To Do:

  • Take equal amount of flax oil and sesame oil and add 10 drops of rosemary oil and stir them well together.
  • Apply this mixture on the affected areas of your skin and let it remain for few minutes.
  • You can also treat dry scalp and other scalp infections by gently rubbing this oil regularly on your scalp.

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