How to Lose Weight For Women Over 40 Years of Age

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Dealing with those extra pounds in your body after you age 40 is extremely difficult. Most women find it more difficult to maintain healthy weight in 40’s because this is the age where women body undergoes several changes that results in weight gain in midsection, thighs and somewhere else.

So, ladies are you trying to lose weight especially after 40’s. So, how to get rid of overweight at this age? Probably changing diet is not only the solution, here are some things you need to follow to lose weight after 40.

How To Lose Weight After 40:

The below are some effective and natural ways to lose weight easily in your 40’s.

#1 Eat Your Fruits And Veggies:

Fill half of your place with veggies which contain nutrients and less fat and calories than meat, dairy products and grains. Replace your snack time foods with fruit salads and fruit juices. It will help you feel satisfied even if you eat less. Fruits like apples and berries are great in place of high sugar or high fat snacks.

#2 Don’t Skip Your Breakfast:

At the age of 40 we are too busy in living for our family or for our office, but that doesn’t make any time for skipping your breakfast.

Experts recommend a healthy breakfast in the morning will curb the morning hunger that helps you from overeating at lunch. You can also lose weight by having small meals for every few hours in a day.

#3 Try To Eat Less At Night:

If you get most of your calories in lunch then you probably lose weight easily. Everyone needs of calorie is different but in women eating 2000 calories per day should aim to cut back by 500 to 400 calories.

#4 Practice Yoga And Meditation:

Many women find yoga and meditation are the most effective ways to lose weight after 40’s. Yoga will boost your energy and enhances your mood, ease body aches and promote weight loss.

When it is combined with meditation it is quite more beneficial when you are aiming for healthy weight in your 40’s.

#5 Pay Attention While You Eat:

When you are busy with your work, kids and other things in your home, you often tempted and grab the food and overeat food.

Sit down, make a plan and watch the food in your plate that prevents you from overeating on daily basis.

#6 Prevent Excessive Consumption Of Alcohol:

A glass of wine or beer contains 150 calories, you might feel it difficult to avoid alcohol but it is necessary to maintain healthy weight. More often alcohol also makes you hungry so you eat more while you drink.

#7 Make Time For Workout:

Between your family activities, desk jobs in your 40’s, you don’t get free time for work out. But it is quite important to undergo at least 20 minutes of regular activity to maintain healthy weight and even healthy body.

Make workout as one of your priority to lose your weight easily.

#8 Get Good Sleep:

It is known true that people who don’t get adequate amount of sleep will likely to gain weight easily. All kinds of things such as medications, health problems and menopause in women put them in trouble to have a sound sleep.

Try to change your habits and make sure you get minimum of 7 hours of sleep in a day to maintain healthy weight.

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