This Plant Can Destroy Cancer, Stop Diabetes And Reduce High Blood Pressure

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Three out of 6 people with diabetes also have high blood pressure these days and cancer is one of the most dangerous diseases that one could handle in their lives.

Well, we know that we have many medicines and treatment procedures to prevent cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure. But do you know we can find every solution in our nature.

Nature is the wonderful gift for us even to avoid all types of healthy problems. One of such plant in this nature will help to destroy cancer and even have the capability to stop diabetes and high blood pressure.

Do you know which plant is that? No, then you must read this article to know about that plant and the benefits provided by it.

The Plant That Can Destroy Cancer, Stop Diabetes And Reduce High Blood Pressure:

It is nothing but a bitter guard, actually it is also referred as corolla balsam pearl or bitter fruit in some countries and it has been long use for its health benefits.

Even though it is loaded with numerous benefits and often called as healthy melon, this fruit is not anyone’s favorite because of its immense bitter taste.

This melon exactly looks like bumpy cucumber that can be seen mostly in hot regions especially in South America and Asia.

According to a research done in naveda center for alternative and anti ageing medicine, Dr. frnak shellenberger found a way to use this fruit effectively for the patients diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

He concluded that, this effective plant inhibits the growth of cancer cells in the body and 5 % of melon juice has the capability to destroy cancer cell line up to 90 to 98%.

Bitter melon generally contains numerous amount of nutrients and low amount of calories and it is also rich in vitamin, vitamin A and minerals like magnesium, manganese, folate, zinc, phosphorous etc.

Health Benefits Of Bitter Guard:

Here are some more health benefits of bitter guard.

  • Regular consumption of bitter guard helps in improving energy levels and stamina in your body.
  • Bitter melon is excellent source of folate that helps in reducing the risk of birth defects when you consume in early stages of pregnancy.
  • The amount of beta carotene in bitter melon is twice when compared with broccoli which helps to improve eye sight and alleviate eye problems.
  • Consuming a glass of bitter guard juice regularly will avoid all skin infections and other fungal infections like athletes feet and ring worms
  • Bitter juice also helps to increase the body’s resistance against infections and built your immune system.
  • Bitter melon contains unique phyto constituent which increases glycogen synthesis and glucose uptake inside the cells of the muscles liver and adipose tissue. This results in reducing type 2 diabetes.

How To Consume Bitter Melon:

Unlike other vegetables and fruits, it is better to choose ripe and green bitter melon for all benefits.

  • Bitter melon can be used in the pickle preparations
  • In Philippines bitter melon is used in special dishes like pinakbet and can be mixed with all vegetables.
  • Dried and ground bitter melon is used in preparation of milk tea in east regions.
  • It is stuffed with masalas and fresh tomatoes, green chilies, curry leaves, onions in India.

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