10 Easy Tips To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

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Holidays are the best time to spend along with your family and your friends. It even considered as worst time to maintain healthy body along with healthy weight.

It’s very easy for us to gain weight during holidays because of heavy large meals and unstoppable parties, delicious food which makes us tempted to have them in excess amount.

Do you know more than 20 percent of people in US gain more than 20 pounds especially during holiday season? Don’t worry, because we do many things to get rid over it. Well we go with wonderful 10 tips to avoid holiday weight gain effectively.

10 Easy Tips To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain:

#1 Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate:

While planning everything to get set right during holiday and rushing around shopping and preparing around guests, it’s very easy to forget drink plenty of water in a day.

As a result, your body gets confused of being thirsty and hungry. So, it’s important to drink sufficient amount of water regularly which will keep you from eating when you really need to drink.

#2 Limit Consumption Of Alcohol:

Excessive consumption of alcohol will lower your inhibitions and increases your hunger. Do you know 12 ounce of beer contains 140 calories and 5 ounce glass of wine contains more than 100 calories?

So, that’s the reason you need to stick for drinking just one or two glasses of alcohol or just avoid it completely to reduce the calorie intake.

#3 Never Go To A Party Hungry:

One of the worst things you do to yourself is starving before holiday party. The hungrier you are, the less capable of you to stay in control. Eat well before you leave for a party and avoid grazing which can result in calorie disaster.

#4 Focus On People Not On Food:

When you are going to attend a party, then socialize yourself to the people and don’t concentrate on the food they provide.

Use your energy in making conversations instead of focusing on different types of food.  Because conversation is calorie free!

#5 Eat Slowly:

This is one of the best ways to avoid eating extra calories in a party. According to a research slow eaters are tend to eat less and stay healthy all day long.

Eating slowly allows your brain to understand when you’re enough to have some more food. Swallowing each bite before you taking the other will help you in slow eating.

#6 Be Selective, Not Rigid:

Don’t declare all party food off limits, you need to decide to deprive yourself from all treats before you end up in overindulging out of frustration and rebellion.

Be honest with yourself for the foods you like and for the foods you don’t like and enjoy those foods in moderate amounts. At the same time, cut back those unhealthy snacks and fillers that you can really live without.

#7 Make Time For Exercise:

Exercise doesn’t need to be chore, but try taking shots and simple walks early in the morning and continue it by challenging yourself to walk a little bit further.

Set small goals which make you to attain them easily and you can gradually work yourself to reach higher ones and set your body in shape.

#8 Just Say No:

Willpower is just like a strong muscle, you work on it, it make you stronger than before. It’s okay to say No, when you are not comfortable with!

It’s not the right time to make someone happy and its your time to set limits over the food.

#9 Always Have A Balanced Plate:

Your body needs a delicate combination of veggies, fruits, carbs and protein so keep your body balanced and healthy.

Try to fill your plate with half of veggies and some protein and vitamin riche food that you always want to have them in a treat.

#10 Don’t Beat Yourself Up:

I know it’s quite challenging to control yourself from the food you love. But don’t allow yourself to get frustrated and quit in this process to avoid gaining of weight.

If you are unable to manage your portions the way you like, just try to take a deep breath and focus on the things what you can do better for the next meal.

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