5 Easy Tips to Stop Overeating

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Self control is a struggle for many people, especially when it comes to our favorite food on the table. Eating too much or overeating at one sitting is something that is really hard to break.

But, overeating certainly results in gaining weight and makes you susceptible associated with associated with it. Since eating is the important factor to consider once you have decided to weight gain or weight loss.

You would probably know how it feels after overeating. Sometimes it even feels like it’s impossible to lose weight because it’s almost like you cannot control yourself from food you love!

If you’re trying to lose weight and haven’t considered your eating habits, it’s time to take a step to break overeating with the following 5 easy tips.

5 Tips To Stop Overeating:

#1 Drink Water Before Your Meals:

Yes, you need to drink water before your meals. This may sound funny but drinking water before your meals will make you eat less which helps in avoiding over eating.

Drinking a glass of water before your meals curbs your hunger and helps in eating less amount of food. And also make sure to drink sufficient amount of water throughout the day all day long to be healthy. Drinking lots of water also helps in loss of weight easily.

#2 Don’t Skip Breakfast:

You may have eaten too much before night and thought it’s a good idea to skip breakfast as you feeling a bit full. But this is not a good idea, skipping breakfast will make you hungry in the mid morning and lead you to take unhealthy food.

Start your day with a meal that prevents feeling of starvation later in the day. Even according to a study in British journal of nutrition showed that eating breakfast can control hunger hormones during the day to maintain more stable appetite and reduce consumption of food throughout the day.

#3 Eat Slower:

It takes time for your stomach to tell that it is full because the process of feeling satiated takes time.

Slowing down while you eating help your body time to realize when it is full. If you eat too quickly, you can stuff more food in to your tummy before you realize it.

There are different types of hormones present in your body that communicate with your brain. The stomach releases the hormones called ghrelin when you need to eat and hormone called leptin is released by fat cells to tell your brain that it is fullEating fast also results in causing gas and other digestive problems.

#4 Eat Small Meals:

Instead of having 3 large meals during a day, it’s a good idea to eat smaller meals for every four hours.

Being aware of how your body feels when you need to refuel is important to ensure that hunger doesn’t not sneak you up to choose worst quality of food.

Eating smaller meals whenever you feel hungry also helps in avoiding sudden drops of blood sugar levels in your body that lead to feeling hungry and unwell.

#5 Be Mindful About Your Food:

It’s ok to have little amount of food in your plate. Focus on taking smaller portions of each item and after you done eating, give yourself time of 10 minutes before going back for seconds.

When you’re not paying attention on what you eat, it’s easy to overeat. Giving time for your body will allow it to recognize what you have eaten and you can more easily decide if you are really hungry for more.

Having better control on what you eat will not only help you to lose weight, it also helps you in saving lots of money from your pocket.

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