If You Can’t Lose Weight, Try These 34 Tricks Immediately to Reset Your Fat-Burning Hormones

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Apart from medications, healthy lifestyle and healthy diet hormonal imbalance is one of the thing that make women to face difficulty in losing weight.  And women deal with diabetes, fatty liver and depression also have trouble in losing weight.

Here are some tricks and changes you need to maintain in your regular routine to lose weight and maintain hormonal balance.

As women, we do have many hormones in our body, every hormone plays major role in maintaining healthy weight. This article provides you some tips that help you to clean your hormones and avoid imbalance of them.

Tricks For Cleaning Estrogen Receptors:

  • Avoid foods rich in copper like chocolates, fruits and nuts
  • Wash fruits and vegetables before consuming them.
  • Avoid re heating your meals in plastic containers and drink water from glass and not from plastic bottles.
  • It’s essential to detoxify liver by consuming or including cardamom seeds in your diet.
  • Try taking Supplements of DIM of 100mg twice daily with your meals.
  • Try adding flax seeds in your regular meals or sprinkle them in smoothies will help you to maintain good amount of estrogen levels.
  • Avoid using hygiene products that contains parabens and pthaletes.

Tricks For Cleaning Insulin Receptors:

  • Instead of having morning coffee in the morning, start your day with glass of lemon water.
  • Try to use stevia instead of sugar in smoothies and fruit juices
  • Include green leafy vegetables like coriander and spices like cloves and cinnamon in your regular diet.
  • Drinking a glass of warm water mixed with one table spoon of apple cider vinegar during every meal.
  • Try to include chromium rich foods in your diet but let it should not cross more than 400mg in a day.

Tricks For Cleaning HGH Receptors:

  • Avoid all dairy products like yogurt, cheese, butter in your diet and keep synthetic HGH keep away from your plate.
  • Follow perfect exercise workout plan
  • Ground yourself, which naturally helps in rising melatonin levels and at the same time lowering cortisol and eliminating inflammation.
  • You should only eat organic meat and eggs
  • Consume Montmorency tart cherries which are rich in melatonin. According to a Italian research it has been concluded that people who consume melatonin before going to bed have increased their HGH levels by 157.

Tricks For Cleaning Thyroid Hormone Receptors:

  • Try to cook your dishes with coconut oil, because the fatty acids in coconut oil will improve the efficiency of thyroid and boosts metabolism by 56%.
  • Eliminate all gluten contain food products in your diet to naturally set the production of thyroid hormone. Instead replace them with buckwheat, quinine, amaranth, brown or wild rice etc.
  • It’s always important to get tested for thyroid hormones to maintain normal levels of these hormones for healthy functioning which is linked with metabolism.

Tricks For Cleaning Cortisol Receptors:

  • The best to maintain balanced levels of cortisol hormones is by practicing yoga and meditation regularly.
  • Avoid using your mobile phones, laptops and any smart devices before going to bed. They will disrupt your sleep and effect the body on its biological level. Put all devices in airplane mode and turn off the router and finally read a book instead of watching TV.
  • Have a black coffee mixed with table spoon of coconut oil and vanilla extract that helps in preventing cortisol spikes

Tricks For Cleaning Leptin Receptors:

  • Include foods which are rich in omega 3 fatty acids and foods that fight against inflammation and lustens your hair and skin.
  • Eat protein within 30 minutes of walking and include plant based smoothies that helps in balancing leptin receptors in your body.
  • Avoids foods high in fructose like processed foods and drinks that can havoc your health in minutes.

Follow Daily Detox:

Excess fat in our body also contain toxins that can damage every part in our body. When we are trying to lose weight all these toxins can be released in to your blood stream and become dangerous to our health.

Here are some ways to detoxify your body:

  • Drinking lots of water help you remove toxins in your body in an effective way. You can also replace pure water with cranberry juice to keep your lymphatic fluid flowing, which is crucial for toxin removal.
  • Try to consume 2-3 table spoons of chia seeds everyday which are amazing in removing toxins from your body.
  • Try using activated charcoal which is effective in absorbing toxins from your body.
  • Put a luxurious detox bath once or twice a week to detoxify your body. All you need to do is add one cup of baking soda and ½ cup of sea salt in hot tub and relax until water gets cool. The hot water brings toxins on the skin surface and cleans by the cool water.
  • Cleanse your liver by using or following Liver lovin formula which contains taurine. Taurine is produced by the liver bile that helps in removing heavy particles, petroleum solvents and ammonia.

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