Placing CABBAGE LEAVES Onto Your Chest And Legs Before Going to Bed WILL SOLVE Frequent Headaches

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Do you know, sometimes weird tricks works perfect for our body when compared with natural ones. Yes, as we all know that cabbage is one of the best vegetable loaded with number of vitamins and powerful properties. This green vegetable is available throughout year and cultivated in places where the sun exposure is high.

Many people only know that, cabbage as cholesterol lowering food, but they are more some strange and healthy uses of cabbage in regular life. In fact, it has positive effect in using it as a topical remedy.

Yes, like putting onions in your socks or applying honey on your skin this article will show you some weird uses of cabbage that actually works.

Cabbage is effective in reducing frequent headaches, swelling, thyroid problems and even pain while breast feeding. If you are suffering with any of these problems you can use cabbage as natural remedy with no side effects.

#1 Relieves You From Frequent Headaches:

Sometimes it’s not the nutrition’s that causes severe headache, it happens with the heavy stress and pressure handling everyday in our regular life.

Cabbage is full of vitamin C, K, magnesium, potassium, calcium, phosphorous and iron. All the vitamins and minerals work together to prevent headaches caused by nutritional deficiency.

Methionine present in cabbage promotes detoxification by binding with heavy metals like mercury, and helps the body to expel them. This process as a result improves overall body function and relieves you from headache.

To solve this problem, you need to keep fresh cabbage leaves on the upper part of your head and temples and cover them with cap to secure.

Remove them once you got relief from headache.

#2 Swelling Caused By Traumas:

Cabbage leaves are quite effective and useful in reducing swelling caused by traumas. Cabbage contains glucosinolate that acts as anti inflammatory compound that helps in decreasing inflammation and swelling on your body.

You just need to wrap fresh cabbage leaves on the area where you are swelled and secure them by using bandage. Leave it overnight to reduce swelling completely.

Remove them in the morning to see best results.

#3 Helps Thyroid Gland:

Thyroid gland is one of the important organs in our body that produces hormones which play crucial role in the health of your digestive organs and metabolism.

So, to improve the functionality of thyroid gland in your body, then place few cabbage leaves on the location of your thyroid gland and cover them with a bandage.

Be sure you sleep with this compress on the throat and remove it when you wake up in the morning.

Repeat it for another 10 days to see positive results.

#4 Reduces Pain Due To Breastfeeding:

Often, some women feel immense pain while breastfeeding. Take it easy, when you feel pain while breastfeeding, because we do have remedy for it too. Say goodbye to this pain by placing cabbage leaves on your breast.

You can keep the fresh cabbage leaves for long hours or 20 minutes in a day for twice. You will probably experience relief within a week after following this natural remedy.

You can also reduce swelling caused by eczema. Clean and dry the leaves and refrigerate until becomes cool. Now place them on swollen limb to draw out the excess fluid. Leave them until they become wet and repeat it with other fresh leaves.

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