This Anti-Aging Super Herb Could Be The Next Big Beauty Trend

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Have you ever heard about centella asiatica an ancient healing herb? No, then you must read this article to know wonderful benefits of this ancient herb which was being revived by modern day science to reverse the signs of ageing.

Well, this powerful herb is loaded with numerous health benefits from healing burns to wounds and even enhancing your memory. This article helps you to know everything about centella asiantica and how it is useful for maintaining healthy skin.

Let’s get deep in to the topic by starting with what is centella asiatica.

What Is Centella Asiatica?

Centella asiatica is a perrineal flowering which is also called as gottu kola. It is native from Asia and was using as medicine in ayurveda.

Historically, centella was used for treating many health conditions like stomach ulcers, hepatitis, diarrhea, fever and asthma. But, these days this wonderful herb mostly used to treat varicose veins and swollen legs.

How Centella Used For Reversing The Signs Of Anti Ageing:

As we age, our skin shows the signs of ageing and our skin exfoliation process decreases by 28% once we crossed thirties. This leads to cause of dead skin cells that accumulate and stick together from long period of time and fat cells under the skin starts to shrink.

We do even lose our skin elasticity once we reach 50’s and our skin tends to appear dull and dry. For these reasons we often opt for skin products that cover all our ageing symptoms to look beautiful.

Centella asiatica is a wonderful herb that helps in stimulating new cell growth by improving the circulation and builds collagen.

Centella is especially beneficial for improving elasticity and reduce the appearance of saggy skin. Apart from reducing anti ageing symptoms, this powerful herb also has numerous benefits for our health too.

Some of them include:

#1 Helps To Relieve Depression And Anxiety:

According to recent research centella contains anxyolytice and anti depressant properties which help in relieving anxiety and depression from your body. It even helps to calm down your nerves and promotes good sleep.

Participants who used to take 500 milligrams of centella for twice a day have seen reduction of anxiety and decrease in stress levels.

#2 Treats All Types Of Skin Conditions:

Centella is loaded with anti bacterial, anti viral and anti inflammatory properties which do wonders in treating all types of wounds, burns and skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

Topical application of this ingredient also helps in reducing the bacterial growth of skin conditions and support production of new skin cells. It is also seemed to increase tensile strength of your skin.

#3 Memory Enhancement:

Centella also works excellent in boosting our memory and cognitive properties. According to a study published in journal of Alzheimer’s disease found that centella extract may improve memory at the molecular level.

How To Use Centella In Your Day Routine:

The best way to enjoy benefits of centella is by adding teaspoon of dried centella in a cup of boiled water and allows it to steep for few minutes.

Add teaspoon of raw honey to this mixture and use it as a ointment and cream oon your skin to treat all conditions. You can also drink this mixture regularly to experience the benefits.


Excessive consumption of centella is harm to your body, it may increase blood sugar levels in the body. It is important to reach out to your health care provider before including it in your day routine.

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