37 Self-Care Ideas For Depression And Anxiety

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It’s not at all easy to go around positive with mental illness or after worst day. And we would feel that there is no such thing like clear weather, smooth sailing forever, calm seas no matter what how hard we wish for!

Mental illness often makes us to forget ourselves from the world we living and the only thing we want to do is hiding from people and spending alone all time.

But, does it make any sense? Do you think is this the only way to get out of mental illness? Probably not, there is one thing you can do to yourself that will help you to be normal again as you wish!

Self care! Yes, when suffering with mental illness we often forget to care ourselves as before. It’s nothing but carrying out for your body that nurture your mind, body and soul. Self care is a necessity and not an option to lead a healthy and happy life.

It’s more than taking regular bath or sleeping. In this article, am going to help you with 37 self care ideas to move out from mental illness like depression and anxiety.

37 Self Care Ideas For Depression And Anxiety:

#1 Take A Day Off:

If you proceed to work with depression and anxiety, you will feel a lot worse when you return back home. So it’s best to take a day off and give yourself the care you need.

#2 Sleep:

Sleep as much as you needed to get your energy back. Because metal illness will make you feel more tired than normal.

#3 Sip Herbal Tea:

Instead of choosing coffee, drinking herbal tea will relax you and improve your mood in a positive way.

#4 Drink Some Water:

Don’t forget to drink enough water to keep your body healthy and active.

#5 Hot Shower:

Take a long hot shower followed by hopping in to comfy clothes and hitting the couch is the best thing ever.

#6 Eat Chocolates:

Chocolates are the best way to get rid of stress and depression, the chemical found in chocolate relaxes your mind and improve mood.

#7 Light A Candle:

There is something goes positive in your mind when you light a candle. So that you can relax your mind.

#8 Digital Detox:

Social media makes most of us anxious and am damn sure you will feel much more better after checking out all the updates and surfing around the internet.

#9 Spend Little Time With Pets:

Spending time with your pets will remain as the best time you would ever had in your life. If you don’t have any pets in your home grab a teddy and play with it.

#10 Diffuse Essential Oils:

Essential oils are amazing in improving your mood and supports healthy and sound sleep.

#11 Write Down What You Feel:

This will definitely be the best option you do it to yourself. Writing down what you feel will remove the burden from your heart and make you feel free and express free.

#12 Make A Gratitude List:

Stop focusing on what you don’t have, better concentrate on the things what you have and find happiness in those things.

#13 Put Clean Clothes On:

There is nothing better than wearing clean clothes that make you feel freshness around you.

#14 Positive Affirmations:

Swap your negative thoughts in to positive ones and use affirmations to re train your brain.

#15 Watch A Film:

Put on your favorite film and enjoy spending time with yourself.

#16 Listen To Music:

Put on some relaxing music that helps to relax your mind and body as well.

#17 Try Face Mask:

Sit back on your sofa and pamper your skin with a face mask.

#18 Hug Someone:

Human contact is quite important even when you are an introvert. Hugging someone will actually relive stress from your body.

#19 Talk To Someone:

Get your thoughts out by speaking with your closed ones like family, friends. It’s quite better to bring them out rather than hiding them in.

#20 Meditate:

Meditation is the key to get relief from stress and to relax your mind and body.

#21 Breathe deeply:

Inhaling and exhaling slowly from your nose actually helps you to calm down. 

#22 Get Creative With Simple Arts And Crafts:

Being creative is a mindful practice that actually calms you down and lifts your mood.

#23 Read Your Favorite Book:

Read your favorite book that gives you self happiness.

#24 Try Doing Yoga:

Yoga is wonderful to maintain relaxed and healthy mind.

#25 Write A List Of Compliments To Yourself:

It’s time to say all good things about yourself and write it down.

#26 Forgive Others:

Holding on hate, anger will hurt you more. Leave it and forgive everyone around you.

#27 Sing Out Loud:

Singing out loud will increase positive mood and avoids negative mood. So blast your time with favorite music.

#28 Say No:

Take your power back to say No to the things you don’t like.

#29 Go For A Walk:

Walking in nature will make you connect to the earth and ground and this is the best way to get pure medicine from nature.

#30 Bake Something Tasty:

Try to bake something tasty and share with others.

#31 Dance Like Nobody Watching:

Get your blood flowing and your cheeks glowing through your dance.

#32 Buy Yourself Flowers:

Don’t wait for someone to buy flowers, be the one who can buy flowers.

#33 Create A Vision Board:

Visualizing is a powerful tool to get creative thoughts which you have dreamt off.

#34 Mindfulness:

Become mindful of your own thoughts, actions and surroundings that keep you in present.

#35 Exercise:

Exercise release good hormones and provide positive vides around you.

#36 Leave Toxic And Negative Relationships:

Let’s get out of relationships that make you feel less than and doesn’t support you.

#37 Clear The Clutters:

Last but not the least, Clear all the clutters, be it from your desk, mind, and house. Donate clothes to charity and sweep the leaves from patio, believe me it all helps.

Go and start your self care journey that leads to happiness.


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