How To Use Coconut Oil For Yeast Infection?

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Yeast infection is same as common infection that affects both men and women. Even though it is not a serious problem it is something to be worried about!

This infection is generally caused by Candida which is present in everyone. The good bacteria certainly controls it from over growing but factors like hormonal changes, PH imbalances, and antibiotics leads to overgrowth of Candida and leads formation of an infection.

Yeast infection can be seen on any part of our body including vagina, intestine and skin. People generally depend on medications to treat this condition but instead of using chemical products natural remedies goes safe without any side effects.

One of such wonderful natural ingredient is coconut oil. Coconut oil is effective in preventing infection completely with its powerful properties.

Let’s see how we can use coconut oil to treat yeast infection and does coconut oil is really capable of curing yeast infection.

Keep on reading complete article to know the information.

Can Coconut Oil Cure Yeast Infection:

Over the years coconut oil was using for different skin and health issues such as preventing infections, boosting metabolism, treating all types of skin conditions etc.

This wonderful oil provides protective layer over your skin to prevent Candida breakouts. Coconut oil contains three main components known as lauric acid, capric acid and caprilyc acid which act as anti viral, anti fungal and anti microbial agents to kill the bad bacteria over your skin.

The anti oxidant agent in coconut oil also helps in preventing other fungal growths in the body including yeast infection. It also aids in absorption of vitamins and minerals.

Including enough amount of coconut oil in your diet is safe as it contains unrefined fats which can easily converted in to energy instead of storing as fat in your body.

How To Use Coconut Oil For Yeast Infection:

There are many ways to use coconut oil to treat yeast infection. Some of them include:

Consume It:

Consume one to two table spoon of coconut oil before every meal. This will help to fight against the infection and protect your body from occurrence and spreading of other infections. The components in the coconut oil absorbed in to the blood stream and activates anti bodies to fight against infection.

Topical Application:

You can take little amount of coconut oil in your hand and directly apply it to the affected area for quick healing. This process also helps to soften the skin around that area.

Coconut oil starts to work as soon as you start using it and make sure to not over use it. It is advisable to take only three times in a day.

Precautions And Tips:

  • People who use certain medications such as anti fungal and other drugs should avoid using coconut oil for treating yeast infection.
  • While using coconut oil regularly, avoid consumption of foods rich in sugars as it contains high content of bacteria.
  • Do not use home remedies if uncertain of the existence of fungal infections.
  • If the infection is severe and still persistent after using coconut oil, then immediately consult your doctor.

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