Thyme Destroys Strep, Herpes, Candida And Flu Virus

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Thyme, another wonderful herb from mint family and one of the most used and most used oils in aromatherapy.

Thyme is known for its antiviral, anti bacterial, anti fungal, antibiotic, antispasmodic, expectorant and anti septic properties which make it an excellent remedy for treating cold, flu and other skin and health issues.

In addition to killing microbes and preventing infections from your body, it is also effective in eliminating toxins and boosts the immune system by supporting formation of white blood cells and increasing resistance.

Thyme has powerful aroma and that’s the reason it come from the Greek word thymos which means ‘ to perfume’.

Let’s see some health benefits of this wonderful herb in this article.

Health Benefits Of Thyme Herb:

Thyme has numerous health benefits, this herb can easily deal with all types of respiratory issues, infections, cold sores, sore throat, asthma, cough, whooping coughs, bronchitis and laryngitis.

Inhalation is small amounts is the best way to experience all its benefits and especially for treating chronic infections that linger in the sinuses.

Recent study on thyme has confirmed that, thyme oil is effective in treating and preventing dry cough by encouraging mucus when compared with other essential oils.

Thyme is also used as a remedy for physical and psychological conditions. It will help you to regain strength after illness, chronic fatigue or depression and it can also prevent insomnia and its effects associated with it.

It is capable of increasing memory and intelligence, increases the blood pressure if it is too low to handle, stimulates circulation in the body and balances body and brain to work effectively.

Thyme essential oil has widely used for disinfecting hands before surgery as well. According to a study in French it has been proven that thyme essential oil has the capability to kill 90% of microbes within 3 hours, when used in a vaporizer.

It deodorized the air and purified it from proteus, staphylococcus, cryptococcal and streptococcus.

Additional Uses Of Thyme:

Apart from the benefits shown above by thyme herb and thyme essential oil, following are the some of the uses of this wonderful herb:

  • Cures nail fungus easily
  • Get rid of acne and warts and gives you smooth and clear skin.
  • Easily deals with urinary track and bladder infections
  • Treats vaginitis and candida
  • Stabilizes irregular periods
  • Kill parasites
  • Used as first aid for insect bites and stings
  • Heals skin injuries faster
  • Helps in treating athlete’s foot.
  • Useful as a hand sanitizer
  • Elevates omega 3 fatty acids in kidneys and heart cell membranes
  • Reduces sports injuries, muscle acnes, sprains, sciatica, gouts and arthritis.

You can even prepare a massage lotion from lavender, cedar wood, and rosemary along with jojoba and grape seed carrier oils. Combine all these wonderful oils and make sure to massage your scalp with this mixture everyday to maintain healthy scalp.

One of the easiest way to experience benefits of this wonderful herb by making tea with thyme leaves. Thyme leaf tea is amazing for reducing inflammation and pains in the body and has also been reported to help fibromyalgia patients.


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