25 Low Carb Keto Christmas Dessert & Cookie Recipes That You Must Try

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During holiday season, I know it’s very difficult to resist all your favorite sugar treats of the traditional cookie plate. But, you don’t need to worry about your diet, you can even enjoy having low carb sugar cookies that can easily made in your home.

There are 25 low carb keto christmas dessert recipes that keep you on the tract of your diet. So, you don’t need to worry to plan your holidays to enjoy with your friends and family.

Check out all the recipes that you can make easily in your home during holidays.

25 Low Carb Keto Christmas Dessert & Cookie Recipes:

You can find cakes, cookies and wonderful simple and easy recipes that make you forget this world with its delicious taste.

#1 Low Carb Peppermint Cream Ginger Cookies:

Peppermint ginger cookies are low carb and paleo with dairy free option. These soft and tasty cookies made with peppermint cream frosting where the frosting made with cream cheese.

Get the full recipe here:

#2 Bacon Wrapped Brusel Sprouts With Balsamic Mayo Dip:

This is one of the easiest recipe to prepare holiday appetizer and perfect even for low carbers.

Get the full recipe here.

#3. Cream Cheese Cookies:

This is another easiest recipe to make in your homes during holidays which are gluten free too. You can make it in different shapes and give it to your foodie friends.

Get The Full recipe here:

#4. Low Carb Double Fudge Cookies:

If you love to eat cookies, then you must try making these cookies in your home. It will also fulfill your cravings for sweet tooth.

Get the full recipe here:

#5. Italian Almond Macaroons- Gluten free:

These macaroons are very easy to make and your family will love it and ask you for more while eating!

Get The full recipe here:

#6. Coconut Flour Cranberry Orange Cookies:

The combination of coconut and cranberry gives you delightful cookie experience for Christmas season.

Get The Full recipe here:

#7. German Christmas Cookies:

These are one of the best Christmas cookies in german tradition that taste delicious and have been made low carb.

Get the full recipe here:

#8. Cranberry Almond Briscotte Cookies:

These are low carb and gluten free cookies which make your evening of Christmas season delightful.

Get the full recipe here:

#9. Low Carb Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies:

These low carb chocolate butter cookies takes very less time to make but taste delicious.

Get the full recipe here:

#10. Low Carb Ginger Bread Cookies:

These cookies works perfect especially in festive season to serve to your relatives and friends.

Get the full recipe here:

#11. Mocha Roll:

This is very special cakes especially during Christmas season and this cake doesn’t contain any special ingredients that mean its budget friendly. It can be easily done in your home.

Get the full recipe here:

#12. Candy Cane Cake:

This cake is very light and fluffy and taste like sugar cookie. The icing on the cake is a whipped cream with a perfect hint of peppermint that exactly tastes like candy cane.

Get the full recipe here:

#13. Sugar Free Red Velvet Cup Cake:

Red velvet cup cake is very close enough to make you happy that fit in many special diet plans and very easy to prepare.

Get the full recipe here:

#14. Low Carb Chocolate Yule Log:

This yulo log is gluten free and baked with coconut flour which is very healthy to your body. Especially when following keto diet.

Get the full recipe here:

#15. Christmas Roll Cake:

We are not supposed to celebrate this Christmas season without a cake. This Christmas roll cake is perfect with low carb and gluten free and even sugar free.

Get the full recipe here:

#16. Buche De Noel- Yule Log Cake:

Yule log cake is low carb and even gluten free that acts perfect in holidat season. This traditional cake is not only decorative but also delicious.

Get the full recipe here:

#17. Bacon And Cheese Mini Omlets:

These little omlets are enriched with proteins, low carb and even delicious. They can easily cook up and completely hands off finally pop right of the muffin tin once cooled a bit.

Get the full recipe here:

#18. Hot Low Carb Spinach Dip With Cheese:

Spinach dip is loaded with all healthy vegetables which makes a great appetizer. Replace your regular chips with this wonderful and delicious recipe which is low carb too.

Get the full recipe here:

#19. Raspberry Thumb Free Cookies:

Thumb free cookies are also gluten free that brings joy to your holiday season. These are one of the popular Christmas cookies with low carb that must try.

Get the full recipe here:

#20. Sweet Ricotta Cheese Pie:

This recipe is great to make especially during holiday season whenever you are crawling for something rich to eat.

Get the full recipe here:

#21. Keto Cauliflower Cheese Potato With Smashed Spinach:

This is one of the delicious and low carb side dish in holidays. Apart from cauliflower and potatoes, it also has cheese and sour cream that adds flavor to this dish.

Get the full recipe here:

#22. Easy Peppermint Bar:

Easy peppermint bar contains lots of white chocolate with little amount of regular chocolate that works perfect in your holiday season.

Get the full recipe here:

#23. Keto Eggnog:

Eggnog is a drink that satisfies you to the fuller. It contains almond milk and sugar free sweetener that works best when you are following keto diet.

Get the full recipe here:

#24. Low Carb Mini Cheese Cakes:

Even though cheese cakes are not best when you are trying to look perfect in your swim suit, but this low carb cheese cake is perfect while following keto diet which has low carbs.

Get the full recipe here:

#25. No Bake Capuccino Cheese Cake:

No bake cappuccino cheese cake was hard to stay away from once you tasted it. Its low carb, sugar free, gluten free and even keto and perfect desert without any special ingredients.

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