8 Kardashian Diet And Fitness Tips That Could Actually Work for You

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The little space between social media and kardashian reality show, the kardashian family members have not certified as weight loss experts. But the family certainly has the resources to lose those extra pounds in front of your eyes.

All the women in this family have dedicated massive chunks of time, money and energy to achieve their desired figures. So it only makes sense that they have picked all healthy habits which are effective along the way.

Here are some of those tips that could actually work for you when you seriously want to maintain perfect posture of your body like kardashian family.

#1 Set Realistic Weight Loss Goals:

Kim kardashian west was vocal about her struggles of weight loss after giving birth for two children. She often used to write her goals that help and hold you accountable.

A professor of health science and certified strength and condition specialist told that the key to practice is making sure your goals, are realistic, measurable, specific and achievable.

#2 Start Your Day With Protein Shake:

Kourtney has said, she used to take protein shakes every morning to maintain healthy body. Probably the shake is made with bananas, milk, almonds, cinnamon, and a scoop of vanilla and quick trim protein powder.

Nutritionist said, this is the convenient way to get nutrition’s in the morning as you can count your ingredients you have included in the shake.

#3 Continue The Same Breakfast Half Year:

Kourtney has the habit of following the same thing, she said that she eats the same breakfast everyday for six months, then switches it up with different breakfast for other 6 months.

According to an expert talk, eating the same breakfast for six months will help to eat fewer calories that help in easy weight loss.

#4 Drink Tea Every Day Morning:

Kendal said” I usually start my day by having a cup of tea every morning”. Swapping morning coffee with tea has number of health benefits, tea is far more hydrating and it’s like kinder to your skin.

According to experts, tea is packed with numerous antioxidants that modifies the metabolism and detoxify harmful chemicals.

#5 Avoid Processed Foods:

Kourtney said, “I really tried to focus on fresh and organic fruits and vegetables and healthy proteins like salmon, chicken soup and eggs”.

According to experts, even though you may not have kardarshians personal chef, it is good idea to stay away from heavily processed food in your regular diet to maintain healthy weight.

#6 Use Exercise To Channel Your Emotions:

Khole has written in her website, that she once ate like a boredom habit and unhappiness. But she turned all her eating habits and watching bad reality TV in exercise with her trainer gunnar Peterson.

While research suggests, exercise can’t offset the damage done by emotional eating binges, but replacing destructive eating behavior with productive ones can improve your mood and help you in losing those extra calories from your body.

#7 Eat Same Amount Of Food Each Day:

Kims eat same amount of food everyday regardless of intense workout she goes through every day.  She said, there is no need to adjust it for someone working out.

Well, according to a simple theory, you need more fuel to move more but increasing your intake on extra active days can stunt your weight loss efforts. So, when you exercise just make sure to get your goal faster and stronger, then adjust your calories based on your workout.

#8 Prepare Healthy Snacks And Carry Them With You Throughout The Day:

Khole used to carry healthy snacks around, so that she should not stuck with the healthy options.

She said “whether am travelling or just bust day to go around I’ve learned that keeping healthy snack in my purse and bag is quite important to staying on my track”. Preparing and carrying healthy snacks will make life and healthy diet so much easier.


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