8 Urinary Tract Infection Symptoms All Women Should Know

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Do you know, more than 50% of women experience urinary tract infection at least once in their lifetime? Yes, according to National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney diseases it has been found that more than 8.1 million members visit to doctor each year for UTI.

The urogynecologist at the university of California, MD kavitha mishra said, women after menopause an average of one a year is pretty common. If you’re post menopausal, probably the chance of urinary tract infections increases.

Even in postmenopausal women, the changes in PH of vagina can alter the balance of bacteria and yeast and make their easier way in to urethra. Women with diabetes and who are sexually active are also more likely to get urinary tract infection as it impacts on the immune system.

So, what you need to do to prevent urinary tract infection? What can keep you comfortable from turning UTI in to severe infection? Here we go with 8 symptoms you need to watch for, every woman should know all these 8 symptoms just to prevent this condition completely.

8 Symptoms Of UTI Every Women Should Know:

#1 You Need To Go Right Now:

This is just an emergency to how badly you have to pee, especially if you just went. There is a possibility of having urinary tract infection.

It is because of the bacteria that irritate urethra and the lining of the bladder and that make you feel like you desperately need to pee constantly.

#2 Pain And Burning Sensation When You Pee:

Probably, pain and burning sensation when you pee is the first sign that shown by your body when you have urinary tract infection.

If you get only pain and burning once and not again for the rest of the day and your body doesn’t show any other signs, then you don’t need to worry because your body has already flushed out all the bacteria and toxins.

You just need to drink more water and take more liquids as soon as the burning starts may help you to flush out all the small bacteria and prevent the infection completely from growing.

#3 Discolored Urine:

The color of your pee can tell you lot of things about your health and body, including whether you have an infection or not.

If you find red or cloudy urine then it becomes a cause of worry. But don’t panic, take a stock of what you ate before 24 hours because foods can also make you pee in different colors like pink, brown and red but without pain.

#4 Peeing Doesn’t Give You Relief:

Frequent urination is another common symptom when you have urinary tract infection. It makes you feel like you have a full bladder, but dribbles come out when you go. Frequent trips to your washroom without any breaks are a sign you need to look out for!

#5 Smelly Urine:

Strong pungent smell of urine is another common symptom of urinary tract infection. However, some foods also lead us to experience your pee to smell. If your urine smells even after going couple of time, then immediately consult your doctor.

#6 Cramping And Pain Around Your Bladder And Pelvis:

Women often experience cramping and pain with pressure around the bladder and pelvis when they have UTI. These symptoms are very easy to ignore and attribute to something else like menopausal stage, but it’s quite important to pay attention and bring them up with your doctor for better treatment.

#7 Extreme Fatigue:

As a known fact, if our body detects something wrong just like infection it often results in inflammation. As UTI is an infection of a bladder and this infection triggers the release of interleukins, white blood cells that lead to experience fatigue.

Apart from late night parties, if your grogginess doesn’t dissipate after few days speak to your doctor.

#8 Fever:

Fever is often a sign that infection has become complicated by spreading in to your kidneys. If you have fever and experiencing chills and night cheeks then immediately seek medical help.

However, the symptoms of UTI can only build over several days as it start with burning sensation while you pee and gets worst by increasing the frequency. As it is incredibly painful to handle and can even interrupt your regular life. The good news is you can control or even prevent the symptoms with the treatment of antibiotics for few days.

Apart from medication, here are some things you need to do prevent it completely.

  • Drink lots of fluids every day, it will help you to get the antibiotics to the infected area faster and remove bacteria.
  • Avoid consuming, alcohol, soda, coffee and citrus fruits.
  • Use heating pad, if you’re experiencing cramps and pain

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