This Is What Happens When You Throw An Aspirin Into Your Washing Machine

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Aspirin is prominent for its medicinal values and for its cosmetic benefits (when you use it as face mask) in some cases. However, it may sound weird to use them to whiten your white laundry.

But, yes you can actually get rid of those stains from your white attire using this drug.

What about the side-effects of using it on your clothes?

You don’t have to worry that your white laundry will lose its spark with time.


You’ll need 300mg of aspirin and 2 gallons of hot water.

  • Initially, dissolve aspirin pills in the hot water. You can break them to mix thoroughly with the water.
  • Now, soak your white clothes in the mixed solution overnight.
  • Shift the clothes to washing machine and also throw few aspirin pills again.
  • This procedure will not damage your fabric and effectively remove stains from your clothes.

You can use similar procedure to remove blood and other chemical stains from your clothes.

Soaking clothes in aspirin mixed water will help to loosen the stain and makes it easy to remove it completely.

Even dry stains can be removed by this simple method.

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