Demi Lovato Health and Fitness Tips for 2019

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2019 is here, and there is a fair probability that half of the young population’s new year resolution is related to fitness and health regime. Some want to start hitting the gym, and others want to get started on a proper diet.

We’d want you to hit your target of achieving a fit body, and so this article is meant to inspire you through sharing the right information.

Demi Lovato, who is known for both her incredible singing and her fit body, has recently shared some secrets from her health journey. She revealed some of her special tips of taking care of her body, mind, and soul. Here we are sharing with you Lovato’s take on her routine, diet, motivation, and much more.

Demi Lovato’s Fitness Regimen

She works out six days a week and takes off on Sundays. Her workout regimen includes cardio of thirty minutes, strength training of one hour, and half an hour of MMA.

She prefers on adding more cardio to her workout routine, for it strengthens her stamina. Apart from that, Demi practices Ju-Jitsu. She finds it a great workout that helps sync both her body and her mind.

Demi Lovato’s take on her Diet

She takes special care of what goes into her body, for she believes, Demi is what she eats. When speaking of her diet, Demi emphasised the most on the whole foods and natural items in her diet. Her diet is squeaky clean, and it never includes processed food or refined flour, or the junk.

Though, she cheats her diet once in a while, for she is all heart about chocolates and cashews. Demi revealed she has a personal nutritionist and a full-time chef who takes care of the calories and the amount of nutrient intake in her body.

Demi’s favorite Gym Attire

Super-careful about her Gym sessions, the singer also has a particular set of uniform for her gym time. She prefers the extra layer of clothing, for it helps intensify the sweat beads during her intensive workout sessions.

The gym uniform consists of a pair of leggings, bra, and the jacket. She wears the zip-up jacket to sweat more. Though her favorite gym garment is the leggings with an elastic band around her waist.

Demi’s take of Motivational factor

Demi emphasises on the inner health, and how she feels after completing her daily fitness regimen. She accepted how she observed a significant change in her mental health once she started being punctual to her health regimen.

Demi finds her motivation in her ability to challenge herself to get out of the bed every morning and hit the gym. She says seventy-five per cent of the challenge is accomplished once she gets out of her bed and heads straight to the gym.

Wrapping Up

In Demi Lovato’s words, all you have to do it find the motivation to get out of your bed, put on your clothes, feel good, and tell yourself that you owe a healthy regimen to your body.


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