How To Use A Lemon Peel To Remove Joint Pain In No Time?

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The common condition of joint pain can be seen in a large segment of millennial population. The main reason behind this is inactive and sedentary lifestyle as well as following an unhealthy diet.

You might expect symptoms such as warmth, swelling, weakness, limping, redness, tenderness and even loss in motion range of your joint.

Various prescription medications are available in the market which can help in getting over this unpleasant sensation. However, their effects last only over a short span of time making it imperative to seek out full-proof methods.

Lemon which serves as a rich source of calcium, magnesium, pectin, potassium, vitamin A, C, B1 and B6 can serve as an excellent choice of curing joint pain. Most of us consume the fruit without actually realising the role of its peel in ushering in health benefits.

Today we are going to discuss about the benefits of lemon and how to use a lemon peel for curing joint pain in a cost-effective manner.

Benefits Of Lemons

  • Lemon improves heart health with its rich potassium content. It provides a calming sensation and assists in controlling dizziness, blood pressure and nausea.
  • The high citric acid content of lemon juice eliminates the occurrence of kidney stones by preventing the formation of crystals.
  • Drinking a lukewarm mixture of water, honey and lemon juice can reduce fat accumulation in our body.
  • Lemon juice acts as a cleansing agent and blood purifier thus helping in treating cases of acute constipation and indigestion.
  • Applying fresh lemon juice on sore tooth can assist in getting rid of toothache. It can also help in eliminating bad odours which are emitted due to gum diseases.
  • Lemon juice increases perspiration for treating a person suffering from fever.
  • Lemon peels can be placed along door entrances and windowsills for eliminating all ants and pests.
  • The natural acidity of lemon makes it an effective tool for cleaning the cutting boards used commonly in the kitchen.

Best Ways To Remove Joint Pain Using Lemon Peels

The calming properties of lemon peel can change the wellbeing of veins by soothing nerve pain. This in turn can diminish the propensity of join agony and inflammation. You can try out any of the two methods described below:

  • Under the first method, you will have to grate the lemon and place it on the affected region before securing the same with a bandage.
  • This has to be left on for some hours before being removed. You are bound to feel its soothing effects from the very first try.
  • The second method of healing joint pain concerns an organic mix of extra virgin olive oil, two organic lemons and eucalyptus leaves.
  • The lemons peels are placed in a glass jar and covered with olive oil before being topped with eucalyptus leaves. This jar should be sealed shut and kept intact for two weeks.

The resultant mixture needs to be soaked in a cloth and placed over the affected area. You can even cover the same with a gauge and repeat this process before going to bed every night for best results.


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