How to Use Castor Oil for Under Eye Wrinkles?

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Wrinkles and grey hair were regarding as a sign of experience, authority and sincerity. Not anymore, with media promoted models, everyone desires to look young.

Cosmetic products are first thing that comes in your mind when you think about fading wrinkles. These pricey beauty items are filled with chemical ingredients that aren’t safe for your skin. Instead home remedies like castor oil are packed with natural abilities to make your skin supple.

Is Castor Oil Good for Under Eye Wrinkles?

Castor oil is prominent for soothing skin and health related ailments. This folk remedy has been used by Egyptians for cosmetic purposes.

Various factors like aging, eating habits, sun damage, dehydration and certain medication makes your skin to lose its elasticity. As the skin under your eyes is very thin wrinkles appear when elasticity is lost.

Castor oil is safe for your eyes. (Source)

  • Regular massaging with this sticky oil under your eyes will improve blood circulation, which helps the flow of oxygen and other nutrients to your skin.
  • Emollient ability of castor oil locks moisture over the skin and help to get rid of dry skin.
  • Antioxidant ability of this folk remedy thwarts oxidizing agents and help to reduce wrinkles.
  • Vitamin E housed in castor oil protects your skin from UV rays and free radicals.
  • Vitamin E also enhances elasticity of your skin.
  • Fatty acids residing in the oil are prominent to soothe, heal and make your skin supple.
  • Cleansing ability exhibited by castor oil can effectively remove dead cells and other pollutants off the skin.
  • Assorted nutrients in this folk remedy can treat chronic skin ailments like acne and eczema.

How to Use Castor Oil for Under Eye Wrinkles?

  1. Cleanse your skin to remove makeup, creams or impurities piled over it. You can use gram flour or castor oil itself to remove them.
  2. Instead, you can use cotton ball dipped in rose water to remove impurities and tone your skin.
  3. Take few drops of castor oil in your left palm and apply it under eyes using your clean fingers. Also start applying over laugh lines and on forehead.
  4. Allow castor oil to be absorbed by skin for 20 minutes.
  5. Rinse it off with lukewarm water.

Experts advice to wear castor oil before applying makeup over the skin, as this oil prevents irritation and oxidative stress.

Note: Best time to apply castor oil is before going to bed.


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