What Are The Best Ways To Keep Lemons Fresh For An Entire Month?

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Can anything be as versatile as lemons in boosting up the flavour of mundane food and drink recipes with a burst of tanginess! We bet not and that is why we often tend to keep our fridges stacked with lemons.

However, lemons tend to grow unwanted black spots and lose their moisture given their short shelf life.

The small pores present in the outside layer of a lemon causes its inherent moisture to escape. This ultimately makes the lemon taste flavourless and dry.

When stored at room temperature, lemons can sustain for a maximum of seven days before hardening. Keeping such things in mind, we have compiled a list of effective hacks which can assist in lengthening its longevity over a months’ time.

Benefits Of Lemon

  • Lemon serves as a rich source of vitamin C which keeps our body cells buffered from damaging free radicals. This primary antioxidant can also limit or completely prevent the duration of common cold.
  • Polyphenol antioxidants which can be traced in lemons add inertia to the process of weight gain.
  • Consuming lemon water every morning can prevent constipation by keeping your digestive system moving.
  • Lemons can render adequate protection to our skin from the harmful rays of the sun and reduce the wrinkling of skin.
  • Rubbing a lemon on our hands can diminish the pungent odor of garlic. This similar remedy can also be used for removal of bad breath arising from consumption of onions, garlic or fish.
  • The citric content of lemons can assist with the prevention of kidney stones.
  • In spite of having an acidic taste, lemon helps in maintaining a positive alkaline state for warding off cancer and similar illnesses.
  • The alkaline nature of lemon serves as the ultimate nemesis of bacteria which is infamous for causing skin acne. Apart from being consumed with water, lemon can also be topically applied for treating blackheads, eczema and acne.
  • The vitamin C component of lemon strengthens our immunity system by fighting harmful oxidants which can lead to the formation of allergens during asthma attack.
  • Application of lemon balm can usher in a calming effect for fighting dizziness, exhaustion, fatigue, tension and nervousness.
  • Applying fresh lemon juice on affected areas can lead to reduction in toothaches.
Techniques Of Keeping Lemon Fresh Over A Month

#1 Refrigeration Of Whole Lemons

Refrigeratingwhole lemons can retain its freshness for long when compared to storage in room temperature. For this, you will be required to refrigerate whole lemons inside a zip lock bag. This can retain the moisture of lemons thus restoring their freshness for long.

The bag needs to be sealed by leaving one side open to insert a straw. This straw can assist in sucking out all air from the bag to finish off the sealing process.

As an alternative, you can store whole lemons in water jars to retain its juice. The lemon peel often acts as a storehouse of bacteria which ultimately leads to diseases and infections. Hence it becomes imperative to wash the lemons properly before being poured inside the jar.

While being placed inside a water jar, the lemons will not have any exposure to air. This gets assisted further by the coolness of refrigeration which delays its deterioration process. The same steps can also be used for storing fresh herbs like cilantro or maybe mint.

#2 Refrigeration Of Lemon Slices

Lemon slices serve as important components of salads and it definitely pays to have a few handy at all times. You can store the lemon slices and wedges in an ice cube tray to retain its freshness for a longer time span.

For this, you will have to place two lemon wedges in each section along with a bit of water and pop out the cubes whenever required. This method can assist in keeping lemons fresh over a span of three months.

Cur lemons can be wrapped in plastic before being refrigerated. This assists in preventing its exposure to air which in turn keeps it fresh and juicy for long. While covering the lemon wedges with a plastic wrap, you will have to ensure that no air pockets are left inside the same.

The wrapped lemon wedges shall have to be then placed inside a zip lock bag for being stored in the refrigerator.

#3 Refrigeration Of Lemon Zests

You can plastic wrap the zested lemons for being stored inside the refrigerator and used whenever necessary. These zested lemons are known to retain its freshness over a span of one week.

You can also extract juice out of a zested lemon and freeze the same in an ice cube tray. This can be of tremendous help in maintaining its taste and acidity. The cubes can also be used easily for making lemonade and similar tasty drinks. Frozen lemon juice retain its freshness for about four days after which it slowly starts to lose its acidity and taste.


Lemons serve as the ideal way of adding an exotic flair to everything ranging from desserts to salads. The tips mentioned above can be of great assistance in squeezing the last droplet out of a lemon.


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