11 Foods That You Need to Eat for Healthy Liver

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Liver has a big role to play in balancing our health ranging from its production of cholesterol, proteins and bile to storage of minerals, vitamins as well as carbohydrates.

Liver also assist rhetorically in breaking down of the toxic components of medications, alcohol and even the natural by-products which arise as an after effect of metabolic activity.

Today we are going to discuss about 11 such foods which can prove to be highly essential in maintaining your lever health.

#1 Grapefruit

Its high antioxidant content can act as a natural buffer over your liver from all forms of injury which can arise out of inflammation. Consumption of grapefruit can diminish the propensity of hepatic fibrosis in humans which is infamous for excessive build-up of connective tissue which ultimately leads to chronic inflammation.

#2 Tea

A study was conducted in Japan substantiating the fact that blood markers of liver health improved drastically on consuming 5-10 cups of green tea daily. Another study was conducted over patients suffering from non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD).

They reported substantial improvement in liver enzyme levels after consuming green tea rich in antioxidants over a stretch of 12 weeks. This in turn lead to reduction in fat deposits as well as oxidative stressin the liver.

The propensity of succumbing to liver cancer was also found to diminish substantially amongst regular drinkers of green tea. The risk was found lower amongst people drinking at least four cups of tea daily.

#3 Coffee

If you are not very keen on gulping down tea, then you can opt for this energetic beverage which can keep on your toes throughout the day. Various studies have established a direct relation between liver health and drinking black coffee.

For starters, it lowers chances of permanent liver damage as well as risk of cirrhosis in people suffering from acute liver problems.

Coffee serves as the ultimate nemesis of inflammation and can significantly reduce all chances of liver cancer in people.

Collagen and fat build-up gets prevented by the consumption of coffee which is also known to hike up the level of antioxidant glutathione.

This antioxidant neutralizes the naturally produced harmful free radicals which are infamous for causing skin damage.

#4 Grapes

Purple and red grapes are rich in nutritious plant compounds such asresveratrol. This can assist in lowering inflammation, increasing antioxidant levels and preventing further damage of liver.

Patients suffering from non-alcoholic fatty liver disease were asked to supplement with grape seed extract over a stretch of three months and this significantly improved their liver function.

#5 Blueberries and Cranberries

This liver-friendly food has high content of antioxidants and anthocyanins which renders a unique color to these delicious snacks. Consuming these over a stretch of 3-4 weeks can increase the production of antioxidant enzymes as well as immune cell response.

The antioxidant content of berries can also delay the development of scar tissue, fibrosis as well as lesions. Test-tube results have clearly indicated at the role of blueberry in inhibiting growth of liver cancer cells in humans.

#6 Prickly Pear

We usually consume the fruit and juice of this popular form of edible cactus. Various medical studies have established a direct link between prickly pear and its effectiveness in reducing fatigue, wounds as well as ulcers.

We usually consume the fruit and juice of this popular form of edible cactus. Various medical studies have established a direct link between prickly pear and its effectiveness in reducing fatigue, wounds as well as ulcers.

A study was conducted over 55 people in 2004 which proved that this plant extract significant brought down all signs of hangover. Participants reported substantial reduction in all signs of appetite loss, dry mouth and even nausea provided they drank the extract prior to drinking alcohol.

#7 Cruciferous Vegetables

Mustard greens, broccoli and Brussels sprouts are popular for their distinctive taste, high fiber content and beneficial plant compounds. Consumption of the same lead to a noteworthy increase in the quantum of detoxification enzymes. This can protect our liver adequately from all forms of damage.

A study conducted on human liver cells proved that this effect retained its valour even when consumed in cooked form. You can easily turn these vegetables into a tasty and healthy dish by roasting them lightly in balsamic vinegar or lemon juice as well as garlic.

#8 Beetroot Juice

This rich source of antioxidants called betalains and nitrates can significantly reduce inflammation and oxidative damage while safeguarding heart health.

It clearly hinted at substantial improvement in liver enzyme levels once they started consuming nuts.

It has also been associated with raising the level of protein which ushers in positive metabolic effects apart from better blood flow and less fat accumulation in the liver.

Accumulation of fat in the liver can make you vulnerable to more dangerous ailments in upcoming days. Hence you need to make olive oil an important part of your daily diet for enjoying its positive effects on liver fat.


The food items listed out above can protect your liver by ushering in various beneficial effects. Rise in detoxification enzyme and antioxidant levels following consumption of these food items can also protect your body from the release of harmful toxins.


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