15 Celebrities Who Have Had Breast Cancer

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More than millions of people around the world are diagnosed with breast cancer every year. Fighting against this disease need courage, but it’s important to know that you are not alone.

Here is a list of 15 celebrities who fought against breast cancer and overcome the disease and are active in promoting cancer and research.

celebrities with breast cancer

#1 Judy Blume:

The beloved author of “Are You There God”? Judy blume, Have surprised her fans by posting that she has been diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 74 in 2012.

She even stated that, there is no breast cancer in my family, I’ve never smoke, no alcohol and I do exercise daily, How is this Possible? After the treatment she was recovered totally.

#2 Kylie Minogue:

Kylie minogue is one of the famous Australian singer was diagnosed with breast cancer in the year 2005 at the age of 36.

She stated that, ‘if you are the same person even after seeing your life in this bad situation then you would remain zero in your life. But it seems most of the people at other end more like themselves than even before’.

#3 Robin Roberts:

One of the famous anchors across the world was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 46 in 2007. She said, I found my lump in a self exam, because I am familiar with my body and lumps. I have recognized one of the lumps is different which was placed on my breast and it’s hard. If I haven’t gone through self exams, then how could I examine myself?

I went through chemotherapy and made a full recovery from the disease. 

#4 Shannen Doherty:

Charmed actress shannen Doherty underwent mastectomy after she was diagnosed with breast cancer in the year 2015. She stated I think what’s hard, interesting and beautiful fact about fighting and experiencing cancer is it tears you down and builds you up and remakes you in different times.

In 2016, she shared her feelings in social media to her fans by continuing recovery journey.

#5 Christina Applegate:

All night star Christina Applegate was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 36 in the year 2008. She said, “There’s a certain way in which prepared of taking food and the certain way that you’re eating is geared towards healing”.

She also founded right action for women, an organized that creates awareness to fight against cancer and release fund for underinsured women.

#6 Edie Falco:

The whipsmart sopranos start Edie was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2003 at 40. “I take good care of myself and that helped me to fight against chemo” she said. Even though she kept her disease in secret first, but since spoken out about it made her be a member of spokesperson for health care for America.

#7 Richard Roundtree:

Not only women, there are even men who went through this disease and came out like real heroes from the situation. Round tree is a famous actor in 1970’s shaft movies was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1993 at the age of 51.

But he kept it as a secret until he had been cancer free for five years. “The room was totally silent” he claimed I think he dawn on people that men can be affected by this too. He is now travelling all over the world to keep awareness about the men breast cancer.

 #8 Betsey Johnson:

The famous fashion designer and all time favorite for many people was diagnosed with cancer in the year 2002 at the age of 41. She even developed special lines of products and proceeds going to fashion targets breast cancer.

#9 Jaclyn Smith:

The original Charlie’s angel found out diagnosed with breast cancer in 2002 at the age of 56. She said, take my breast off, take it off, take it off, take it off…. But after she went through chemo process to prevent the breast cancer. Now smith is supporting a website and program for women with breast cancer.

#10 Sheryl Crow:

The singer, song writer, diagnosed in 2006 at the age of 44. She is now become one of the best known celebrity advocates for breast cancer awareness. She said, “Anyone who diagnosed with disease is another change to quit a showstopper, but an opportunity to recreate yourself and how you look at life”.

#11 Peter Criss:

The legendary of rock band over the world kriss was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008 at the age of 62. He has since spoken out to let people know this, that even men would face this disease. He also said “Don’t sit around playing Mr.Tough guy” or “Don’t tell that it will go away”. It might not, and you might not see life anymore how beautiful it is.

#12 Hoda Kotb:

The co anchor of famous show in America has stated, “Cancer shaped me, but it did not define me”. She was diagnosed in the year 2007 at the age of 43. She didn’t have her first mammogram when doctors recognized lumps in her breast during routine exam.

Later on, she desire to uplift other breast cancer survivors with a message of hope and encouragement.

#13 Kim Gordon:

Gordon is one of the rock stars to rock jean shots in her video “addicted by love” by ciccone youth. She was diagnosed with non invasive breast cancer but she has survived with the right treatment now leading people to keep aware of breast cancer.

#14 Suzanne Somers:

Suzanne Somers was diagnosed with breast cancer in the year 2001. When she went radiant therapy for the first time, she said, “I didn’t want a foreign object in my body and I don’t want to do what they call a tram flap, which is where they cut a women from side to side even though there’s no feeling”.

#15 Cynthia Nixon:

The beautiful and wonderful actress in “the sex and the city” was diagnosed with breast cancer in the year 2004 at the age of 40. Even Nixon’s mother is also survivor of breast cancer. I always thought of getting breast cancer and there is a great chance”, she said. After beating the disease within short span of time she became an ambassador of Susan B Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.


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