20 Low Calorie Foods That Helps Lose Weight Fast In 2019

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We often try pretty hard to lose weight but end up with a heartbreak as the weighing scale barely moves in our desired direction. The main reason behind the same is an improper diet.

Keeping such things in mind, we have come up with a holistic list which can keep you satiated during your diet phase. By consuming the low-calorie foods lined out below, you can get your nutrient meter going strong so that your dieting yields positive results in no time.

#1 Seeds

Pumpkin and sunflower seeds can usher in a feeling of satiety by filling up your body with immunity boosting zinc. This versatile combo of fiber and plant-based protein ensures that you don’t succumb to hunger pangs within just a few minutes of finishing up your meal.

#2 Leafy Greens

Cauliflowers can be of great help in the weight loss drill with their high content of omega-3s. They also come stacked with other minerals such as potassium which can nullify the bloating effects of sodium.

#3 Tuna

When it comes to consuming healthy protein, tuna can serve as the best source of the same along with sardines and salmon. They can be of great assistance in curbing cravings by filling you up with a rich dose of lean protein and omega-3s.

#4 Avocado

Regular consumption of this fruit was linked with lower BMI and waist circumference by a 2013 study. Its monosaturated fat content can fill you up easily so that you don’t feel the urge of gorging on processed food.

#5 Herbs & Spices

These have been used since ages to impart a unique flavour to our food items. However, most of us are unaware of its obvious health benefits. Spices and herbs can serve as a healthy alternative to high-sodium staples which are infamous for accelerating the bloating process.

Some of them even have mild diuretic effects which assists in flushing out excess water. You can easily take your pick from the diverse options of cilantro, basil, sage, rosemary, oregano, mint, tarragon as well as black and red chilli peppers to flavour up your dishes.

#6 Oats

The prebiotic content of oats impart adequate nourishment to the good bacteria residing in our system thus helping in its easy multiplication.

#7 Peanut Butter

Each serving of peanut butter packs in 4 grams of fiber and 8 grams of protein thus serving as an ideal snack which can easily promote satiety.L-arginine content of peanuts is actually an amino acid which improves our blood circulation and ultimately mitigate the problem of fluid retention.

#8 Banana

This miracle fruit can offset the bloat caused by consumption of salty processed foods as it fills up your body with magnesium and potassium. The high plant-based prebiotics content in banana can easily feed your good bacteria to keep you healthy and strong.

You can either slice an entire banana into your morning cereal or have it as a day snack along with a tablespoon of nut butter.

#9 Nuts

Walnuts, almonds, pistachios and peanuts have proved to lower down abdominal fat in comparison to the consumption of carb-based treats. Nuts are also loaded with monosaturated fats thus serving as a heart-healthy option in comparison to their grain-based counterparts.

#10 Coffee & Tea

Caffeine can ensure a healthy movement of food items and enzymes inside your digestive tract. However, synthetic sweeteners and fancy flavourings can usher in adverse effects. Hence it is advisable to stick to either black tea or coffee for best results.

#11 Salmon

While deciding on a hearty yet tasty dinner option during your dieting phase you can readily opt for salmon. The minerals and polyunsaturated fatty acid content of salmon along with Vitamin B6 can help tremendously with stress regulation.

Vitamin D found in each fillet can also lower your chances of succumbing to chronic ailments thus further adding up to its lure.

#12 Berries

A single cup of berry can fill up your system with about 9 grams of fiber as well as antioxidants. However, its sugar content is significantly less than most of its peer fruits thus serving as a healthy choice.

#13 Tomatoes

Salad staples such as carrots, tomatoes, cucumber and mushrooms have high H2O content which can help you in staying hydrated throughout the day. Excess consumption of salt leads to acute fluid retention which can again be offset by the extra water content of these healthy food items.

#14 Pumpkin

Pumpkin puree can serve as an excellent snack option. It ranks high in the department of potassium content when compared to banana and fiber content when compared to quinoa. And it also tastes pretty delicious thus serving as an ideal alternative to sweets.

You can easily add some pumpkin puree to unsweetened Greek yogurt along with chopped pears and cinnamon to pamper yourself with a nutritious dessert.

#15 Olive Oil

These plant-based oils can be of great help in slimming you down as it tags along a fuller feeling to prevent future cravings. However, for benefitting the most out of it, you need to skip deep-frying of battered food items as they have been linked directly with weight gain.

#16 Asparagus

This prebiotic-filled vegetable is used in pastas, soups, omelettes as well as a side dish. You can even dip asparagus sticks in hummus and benefit out of its bloat-beating attributes.

#17 Potatoes

Potatoes are rich in potassium which as we all know can help tremendously in counterbalancing sodium and warding off all signs of bloating. This can also keep you feeling full for long. However, you need to avoid the consumption of this nutrient-dense food in a fried form as that tends to nullify all its benefits.

#18 Citrus Fruits

The high potassium content of citrus fruits help in fighting bloating while the antioxidants prevent inflammation which happens as a direct result of belly-fat storage.

Proper hydration can help tremendously in fighting bloating. You can thus squeeze the juice of citrus fruits into warm water and sip it up every morning to slim down gradually.

#19 Dairy

Although previously, consumption of calcium was linked to body weight, modern studies hint at the usage of same for reducing waist circumference over time. You can thus easily add a part-skim mozzarella stick, cup of low-fat milkorhalf cup of low-sodium cottage cheese to your breakfast platter.

#20 Onion

Alliums such as onion, garlic, scallions, leeks as well as shallots can infuse an array of flavour to your dishes while filling you up with prebiotic fiber. The best thing about onions is that you can sneak them easily into savoury dishes such as salads and omelettes.


Although we think that we are eating healthy food, we end up consuming the ones having high calorific content. This in turn leads to greater water retention. However, coupled with the list mentioned above, you can easily take the right path ahead towards a healthier and slimmer tomorrow.


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