7 Ways to Stop Snoring Permanently

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75% people who snore at night actually suffer from obstructive sleep apnea. This can accentuate your chances of falling prey to heart ailments. Hence, it becomes essential to seek out the help of a trained physician before opting for over-the-counter pills and sprays.

People tend to snore due the blockage of air which otherwise flows freely through throat and nose while you sleep. This leads to vibration in surrounding tissues producing the snoring sound.

People who snore excessively have too much nasal and throat tissue which is prone to vibration. Instances are not rare when the positioning of our tongue leads to blockage of our normal breathing channels. Today, we are going to take you through some natural remedies which can be of assistance in gaining an upper hand over snoring.

#1 Altering The Sleep Posture

The base of your soft palate and tongue flops on the back wall of your throat while lying on your back. This leads to the production of a vibrating sound while you are sleeping. As a remedy, you can alter your posture and start sleeping on your side.

Instant relief is also guaranteed by a body pillow. It helps in maintaining the side sleeping posture without undergoing any dramatic difference. You can also prevent falling asleep on your back by sticking tennis balls inside the back pocket of your pyjama.

Alternatively, you can keep your head up and recline the bed. This causes the nasal airway passages to open up and helps in preventing snoring. However, you need to note that maintaining such a posture for long can lead to acute neck pain.

Once you are done trying alterations in your posture as mentioned above, chances are high that your snoring will diminish substantially. However, it if is still persistent, then you need to visit a medical expert as obstructive sleep apnea might be the cause of the same.

#2 Weight Loss

Gaining weight around the neck squeezes the internal diameter of our throat. This in turn increases the likeness of the same collapsing while you are sleeping. However, snoring can also be seen in thin people.

Hence, this remedy retains its effectivity only if you gain weight suddenly and start snoring in its aftermath.

#3 Opening Up Nasal Passage Ways

Keeping nasal passages open can be of substantial help if the snoring starts in your nose. Snoring is infamous for diminishing the speed of air through the nasal track. You can compare the whole scenario with a narrow garden hose from which water is trying to flow at increased speed.

Thus, if your nose gets clogged in any way either because of blockage or cold, then the fast-moving air is most likely to cause snoring. In such a scenario, you can opt for a hot shower before going to bed. This can be of great help in opening up nasal passage ways.

You can also store a bottle of saltwater rinse in the shower for rinsing out your nose and opening up your passages. A neti-pot can also be used for storing the salt-water solution and rinsing your nasal passages.

Nasal strips have also proved efficient in opening and lifting up nasal passages. However, if the problem continues to persist, then the problem is concerning your nose and not the soft palate.

#4 Saying No To Alcohol, Sedatives & Sleeping Pills

These can interfere with our normal breathing schedule by relaxing the throat muscles. Thus, the likeness of snoring increases. Studies have revealed worst results in people drinking alcohol four to five hours prior to sleeping. Consuming soymilk or diary before bedtime can also increase snoring habit.

You can also book an appointment with your physician and discuss about the prescribed medications you are taking. Some of the sedatives can lead to a deeper level of sleep thus worsening the entire snoring habit.

#5 Staying Hydrated Is The Key

Secretions from your soft palate and nose tends to become stickier when your body is dehydrated. This is why it gets imperative to drink plenty of fluids as otherwise your chances of snoring get heightened.

Institute of Medicine has revealed that healthy women need to consume 11 cups of water daily whereas men require 16 cups each day.

#6 Proper Sleep Habits

Improper sleep schedule tags along a similar effect as that of alcohol consumption. Working long hours can lead to acute sleep deficiency and tire you out from the core. This can cause your muscles to get sloppier while sleeping and ultimately lead to snoring.

#7 Shuffling Your Pillows

Allergens might be the core cause of your snoring habit. Dust mites accumulate in pillows over time and trigger allergic reactions causing snoring. Several times, we share our bed with our pets which causes us to inhale animal dander.

You can place your pillows once every few weeks in the air fluff cycle. It is also advisable to replace them over a span of every six months for keeping dust mites and allergens at bay. Keeping pets out of the bedroom can also be of substantial help in such a case.

The market is filled with a large number of special pillows which can prevent snoring. This works by propping up your head and fixing nasal tissues. However, they are infamous for causing excruciating neck pain.

Take Away

Most of us snore occasionally but this cannot be treated as a cause of concern. Regular snoring at night can however disrupt your sleep quality. This in turn causes irritability, fatigue and related health ailments.

Snoring is also infamous for causing relationship problems. Sleeping in separate bedroom as that of your partner cannot be treated as the only solution in such a case. Following the remedies mentioned above can provide you with a much more fool proof solution. 


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