8 Major Causes of Grey Hair In Women Under 30

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Just like wrinkles, our hair starts greying with increasing age. Although most of us are big time fans of salt and pepper hair, but it only looks good when the right time comes. And this is definitely not between the age group of 25-30.

Even a single streak of white can send out a distress call in such a scenario. Today we are going to take a look at the main factors which trigger premature greying amongst women below 30 years of age.

#1 Stress & Anxiety

Stress can cause our stem cells to deplete from the base of hair follicles thus leading to premature greying. Oxidative as well as emotional stress can be blamed for the same. The level of Vitamin B tends to drop in our body whenever we suffer from depression and anxiety. Hence, you should maintain proper eating and sleeping schedules for keeping yourself stress free at all times.

#2 Lack Of Melanin

Melanin deficiency has been associated with hair whitening. The level of our nutrition and intake of protein supplements influences the production of melanin which falls below acceptable levels on facing any form of nutrient deficiency.

#3 Exposure To Electronics & Chemicals

Regular application of concentrated dyes can lead to hair loss. This also applies to the use of iron and electric hair dryers. If you wish to have lustrous dark tresses and robust hair color, then it is imperative to take good care of the same. Your problem might also get aggravated by poor scalp conditioning.

#4 Medical Condition

Thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland which is located at the base of our neck. It helps in controlling various bodily activities such as metabolism. Thyroid also has a big role to play in influencing your hair color as an underactive or overactive thyroid can diminish the melanin production of your body.

Premature greying of hair has also been associated with an autoimmune disease. This happens when the immune system of our body starts attacking its own cells during vitiligo and alopecia leading to loss of pigmentation.

Other health conditions such as chronic constipation, chronic cold and anaemia can aggravate this problem. Medical treatments like chemotherapy and radiation can further worsen the condition.

#5 Nutrient Deficiency

Vitamin has a very important role to play in regulating the various mechanisms of our body. It boosts up our energy and contributes to hair growth and pigmentation. Pernicious anaemia can be triggered by Vitamin B-12 deficiency when our body fails to absorb adequate amounts of Vitamin B-12.

It is imperative to note here that Vitamin B-12 is required by the red blood cells of our body which carries oxygen to various cells including hair ones. A deficiency can wreak havoc in this normal cycle by weakening hair cells and adversely affecting melanin production.

The possibility of succumbing to Vitamin B-12 rises amongst vegetarian people, those suffering from GI troubles or women who have been taking birth control pills.

Apart from Vitamin B-12, your diet also needs to balance out your protein, amino acid, copper, iodine and folic acid requirements. Faulty diet can cause nutritional disparity and lead to hair problems.

#6 External Factors

Various extrinsic factors like pollution, climate and over exposure to harmful chemicals can bring drastic alterations to your hair color. These factors are infamous for speeding up your natural ageing process thus leading to premature greying.

Dermatologists have recently made a breakthrough in the subject of loss of hair pigmentation. They have discovered that a small amount of hydrogen peroxide is released by our hair follicles.

This tends to get accumulated over our scalp with time thus bleaching it and turning it grey. You can easily regain the natural color of your hair by removing this accumulation either at home or a beauty salon.

#7 Hormones & Genes

A hormonal imbalance can lead to premature greying of hair. This can also be linked with genetics. If you grandparents succumbed to premature greying, then you might also be vulnerable to the same.

Genetics is something you simply cannot alter whether you like or dislike it. However, you can definitely get your hair coloured to mask the same.

#8 Smoking

A direct link has been established between premature greying and smoking. Medical studies have already hinted at the role of smoking towards accentuating heart diseases and lung cancer.

However, the effects can get deeper in the long term by reducing the blood flow to hair follicles. This in turn causes premature greying and acute hair loss.


The main cause of premature greying determines whether or not it can be prevented or reversed. Possibilities of reversal gets reduced if premature greying is triggered by genetics. It becomes imperative to consult a physician if an underlying health problem stands out as its cause.

Your hair is bound to get more pigmented once these health ailments are treated. The pigmentation level of your hair can also increase after undergoing a hormone therapy especially when white hair is caused by thyroid troubles.

Your physician might suggest Vitamin B-12 shots or medicines to correct this deficiency while improving the health of hair follicles and returning it back to its natural color.


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