Why Should You Burn A Bay Leaf At Your Home?

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Bay Leaves had grained tremendous recognition in the word of medicine since the time of ancient Romans & Greeks. Coming to modern times, Bay leaves is used mostly for adding a dash of flavor to our home cooking.

But these versatile leaves have a broader spectrum to fulfil than just plain cooking.Today, we are going to take you through the health benefits of burning bay leaves in your house.

#1 Anxiety Reliever

Bay leaves have been used for centuries to relieve stress.It consists of a plethora of chemicals like linalool which leads to a dense smoke having calming effect on both our mind and body. The smell of bay leaves can place you into a “psychedelic state” although it does not tire you out.

It thus perks you up while having a calming effect on your senses.Reduction in anxiety level can increase the level of social interactions of affected people. A study was conducted by The American Association of Nurse Anesthetists recently wherein in was established that the leaves had a calming effect on its subjects within just 10 minutes of inhaling its fumes.

#2 Boost Up Immunity

Bay leaves are packed with an array of minerals and vitamins such as Eugenol having rich anti-oxidant properties. These have a big role to play in regulating the proper functions of our body.

This is why medical experts hint at burning bay leaves to boost up your immunity. You can either add some bay leaves as seasoning to your dinner or burn it for inhaling its fumes the next time you catch a cold.

#3 Decreasing Inflammation

Bay leaves have also proved to be effective in reducing inflammation in various parts of our body especially our joints. It is rich in a chemical called eugenol which has a profound healing effect and acts as a natural anti-inflammatory cure.

#4 Increasing Alertness

Apart from inducing a calming effect, bay leaf can also increase your level of alertness. Maybe this is why it is used for dealing with chronic fatigue. Various chemicals present in bay leaves like cineol, pinene and elemicin helps in warding off tiredness while boosting up your energy to a great extent.

#5 Fighting Diabetes

A study conducted in the US National Library of Medicine advocated the consumption of 1-3 grams of bay leaves on a daily basis for effectively warding off diabetes. Consuming bay leaves over a stretch of one month can regulate your insulin leaves coupled with its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties which acts as the ultimate nemesis of Type II diabetes.

#6 Increasing Mindfulness

Bay leaves can be used as an incense during yoga and meditation as it carries the ability of placing you in a heightened state of awareness and calmness. Although no proper medical research is present for validating this claim, users have frequently associated the smell of bay leaf with a serene meditation experience.

#7 Opening Up The Respiratory Tract

Bay leaves help in treating backed up and clogged lungs as well as respiratory passages. It does this by breaking up and removing the nasty phlegm and mucus depositions in a natural manner.

Rather than burning the leaves, you can soak the fresh ones in clean water or use a vial of bay leaf oil in your humidifier for that steamy vapour which can be inhaled. Alternatively, you can boil the treated water for inhaling its aroma or rub the oil on your chest for alleviating all forms of allergies, respiratory troubles and asthma.


There was a time when bay leaves were burned in homes just like incense cones for that alluring aroma. A plethora of reasons ranging from religious to fantastical and even scientific have linked bay leaves with different chemical components which can prove to be beneficial to our body.


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