15 Fruit Juice Recipes to Whiten Your Skin

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Your skin is a very important part of your body as it doesn’t only give you an appealing look, it also provides your body with the protection from the outer atmosphere. Abnormal darkness of your skin is an indication of some health problems.

If you want to keep your skin healthy and light, you should know about a few natural home remedies. Today, we are going to highlight some highly effective natural fruit juices. Keep reading to know more about these juices:

#1 Beetroot juice:

Do you avoid beetroot due to its different taste? Stop avoiding it today and start its usage if you want to have clean and healthy skin. In addition to excellent anti-inflammatory properties, beetroot juice also contains vitamins A, C, and K. Other contents of beetroot including copper, magnesium, folic acid, and zinc make it very good for overall skin health.

Dilute 500 ml of beetroot juice with 250 ml of water and drink daily in the morning to remove skin problems like blemishes, inflammations, and acne marks etc.

#2 Carrot Juice:

All of us know, how good carrots are for our eyes. But it is equally good for your skin as well. Thanks to its vitamin A contents, carrot juice can help you to fight skin problems like wrinkles, uneven skin tone, and improper pigmentation etc.

Prepare a juice of 4-5 carrots with the help of juicer mixer. You can add one tbsp. sugar if you want. Drink daily in the morning for excellent results.

#3 Orange juice:

A glass of orange juice at the start of the day is not only a great juice to lift your mood, but it is also an excellent tonic for your skin. Citric acid and antioxidants of orange juice can help you to stop the wrinkle formations and premature ageing.

Prepare the orange juice by blending a couple of oranges with a little amount of lemon juice. You can also add honey or sugar depending on your taste preferences.

#4 Apple juice:

Apple contains a decent amount of collagen and antioxidants, and it can be a great answer to numerous skin problems like premature ageing, tissue damage, and untimely wrinkles.

Cut out the apples in small pieces and remove the seeds. Prepare the apple juice using juicer mixer, and add a little amount of honey or sugar. Your healthy apple juice is ready.

#5 Tomato juice:

Lycopene is an antioxidant and is a primary content of tomato juice. The tomato juice is also a good source of vitamin C making it an excellent remedy for skin problems like pimples and blemishes.

Cut 3-4 tomatoes into small pieces and grind in the mixer grinder. Add a few amounts of water to manage its consistency. Add one tbsp. sugar or honey and put a few mint leaves.

#6 Lemon juice:

lemon juice

Lemon juice is an all-rounder and can improve your health in a lot of ways. Lemon is a fine source of vitamin C and can flush out the toxins from inside the skin.

You can prepare lemon juice in dozens of different ways. Prepare a glass of juice with a couple of lemons and one glass water. Or prepare it with adding any other fruit juice of your choice.

#7 Pomegranate juice:

Pomegranate contains plenty of health benefits. It contains punicic acid and omega 3 fatty acids and keeps your skin hydrated and prevent premature ageing.

Prepare a glass of pomegranate juice by crushing its seeds in a juicer mixer. Drink the juice daily in the morning.

#8 Grape juice:

Sour and tangy grape juice is not only an exquisite delicacy; it is an excellent way to complete your meal. Grape juice keeps your skin youthful and firm by the action of its rich antioxidants.

Crush a big bunch of grapes and try to drink after every meal.

#9 Papaya juice:

Papaya is not only a smooth and tender fruit; it is an excellent remedy for all your skin problems. Papain enzymes of papaya are very powerful antioxidants and can clear out the impurities from deep inside the skin. It improves skin tonicity and aids natural glow.

Cut the half papaya into small pieces and crush into the juicer mixer. Add half glass of water or milk according to your choice. The healthy, soft and smooth juice is ready to serve.

#10 Banana juice:

The soft and pulpy juice of banana comes to the rescue in numerous health problems. The smoothie contains vitamin E and C, and potassium. It can repair your damage and dull skin and can keep the skin hydrated for very long.

Smash two pieces of large bananas and enjoy the thick smoothie- because of you worth to have something yummy as well as healthy.

#11 Grapefruit juice:

Grapefruit is a juicy, tangy, and crunchy fruit. It contains vitamin A and beta-carotene, and both are a good tonic for your skin. Grapefruit juice protects your skin from free radicals and controls the abnormal ageing process.

Have a glass of grapefruit juice regularly for excellent skin benefits.

#12 Sweet lime juice:

The super refreshing tangy juice of sweet lime is not only excellent in taste, but it is also very good for your skin. It is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants and is super effective for various skin problems. You can even drink sweet lime juice regularly to keep skin infections at bay.

Prepare the sweet lime juice just like the lemon juice.

#13 Ginger lemon juice:

Both old kitchen ingredients can work wonders together. Ginger is a great source of potassium and niacin, and both of them are super amazing minerals. A juice made with ginger and lemon will keep your skin healthy and enhance natural beauty.

You can add a few other vegetables as well to increase its taste.

#14 Aloe vera juice:

Aloe vera juice alone can treat a lot of health problems including acne, scars, blemishes, skin rashes, discoloration, and untimely ageing etc. The hormones found in aloe vera juice like gibberellins and auxins are healthy for skin and can promote natural beauty.

In addition to drinking aloe vera juice, you can also use it for topical applications.

#15 Pineapple juice:

The sour and sweet pineapple juice is not only very good to taste; it is an excellent juice for inflamed and sensitive skin. You can drink a glass of pineapple juice daily in the morning to ensure the better health and cleansing of your skin.

Cut the pineapple into thin slices and remove the hard middle portion. Cut them again into small pieces and then grind in the juicer mixer. Add a little amount of water to manage its thickness and consistency.

To wrap it up:

These are some healthy and tasty juices for your skin health. You can opt any of these juices according to your taste preferences and comfort. You will surely have healthy and beautiful skin. The most impressive thing about these juices is, they are free from any type of side effect. So, enjoy different glasses of juice every day and ensure better and improved skin health. We are hoping that the article was helpful for you to learn a few things about the skin benefits of various fruit juices. Enjoy a healthy and happy life by eating and drinking right.


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