7 Signs of Ovarian Cancer You Might Be Ignoring

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Cancer is a deadly disease, and most often than not, it results in death. Treatment of cancer, especially when it reaches the third or fourth stage, is a herculean task, not only for the patient but for the physician as well. Cancer never develops suddenly; it is a slow process of months and even years.

Most of the time, numerous signs and symptoms are advocating for the development of cancerous cells. But these signs are either silent or less prominent. So, in most of the cases of cancers, these signs are completely ignored. If you are active enough to notice the signs of cancer, you can avoid it or at least you can get it detected in an early stage. In this essay, we are going to underline a few prominent symptoms of one of the most common cancers in females, ovarian cancer. Flip through these symptoms and be informed.

#1 Abdominal pain:

You can suffer from abdominal pain anytime and anywhere due to some very common reasons like excess bowel gas, indigestion, and constipation etc. But if you are facing the chronic abdominal pain combined with other symptoms, it can indicate more, even the chances of ovarian cancer.

#2 Pain in the pelvic region:

Pelvic pain is not something uncommon or serious, but if constant pelvic pain is combined with other symptoms, and if the pain moved upwards to the abdominal region, it can be a prominent sign of ovarian cancer. Never depend entirely on painkillers and get it checked as soon as possible.

#3 Lower back discomfort:

Most of the females feel the discomfort of lower back numerous times in their lifetime. It is more prominent in pregnancy and during menstrual periods. If your lower back pain or cramp comes and goes in a few days, it is not something abnormal. But if the pain is continuously transferring from the pelvic region to the lower back area, you should not take it lightly. Sometimes the pain gets unbearable and can completely derail your daily routine. If you are facing unbearable backache for a few weeks, it’s the high time to get the proper diagnosis.

#4 Loss of appetite:

Loss of appetite is part and parcel of almost every woman’s life. It is one of the most common signs of conditions like periods and pregnancy. But if you are continuously feeling no need of eating or need of eating less, you must have to be alert. If the feeling of fullness and not eating properly is becoming your habit, you must have to visit your gynaecologist and get the proper attention.

#5 Frequent urination:

Sometimes females ignore the frequency of urination thinking that it can be due to hormonal disturbances, lifestyle upsets, or medications. But frequently going for peeing is not a good sign, and you should not ignore it. Prolonged frequent urination can be a prominent sign of problems like pelvic muscles weakness and urinary tract infection, but the chances of ovarian cancer can’t be ignored as well.

#6 Abnormal changes in the menstrual cycle:

Nowadays having normal menstrual cycles is not less than a blessing. Most of the females are suffering some degree of abnormality in menstrual cycles. There are dozens of factors responsible for disturbed menstrual cycle, but if the disturbance is getting worse from bad with time, you can’t ignore it at any cost. If you are noticing the disturbances in menstrual cycles with other symptoms, there might be some indications of ovarian cancer.

#7 Vaginal bleeding:

Vaginal bleeding is not always a sign of ovarian cancer. It can be due to numerous other health conditions, but if you have the complaint of vaginal bleeding regularly, the chances of ovarian cancer can’t be overlooked either. Ask your doctor for proper investigations and diagnosis.


Signs of ovarian cancer are very much common in various other discomforts. But if you can keep an eye on these symptoms, detecting ovarian cancer, even avoiding it can be highly possible. Keep these signs always in mind and keep tracking the signs by yourself. If there is no ovarian cancer, you may have another problem(s). But constantly tracking your signs and symptoms will only help you to follow a happy and healthy life. Be smart, be healthy, and be happy!


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