Eat This Every Day and Get Rid of Colon Cancer

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The cancer of large intestine, also known as colon cancer is one of the major causes of death in the United States. Most of the time, the cancer of colon begins as benign overgrowth as polyps around various parts of the large intestine. If treated in the early stages, it is possible to stop its spread, and the patient can survive. There are plenty of different ways to get rid of colon cancer particularly when it is in its initial stages.

According to the recent researches by Texas A&M University and the University of North Carolina, dried plums may be proved extremely helpful to reduce the risk of development of colon cancer. Researchers even suggested that eating dried plums regularly can even prevent colon cancer.

Although the study was performed on various animals, researchers successfully found that dried plums, also known as the prunes can increase the decreased number of gut bacteria inside the colon. The best thing is, there is no risk of any negative effect on the other side of the colon. The studies at Texas A&M University and the University of North Carolina also revealed that dried plums could also reduce the number of precancerous cells responsible for affecting the nearby organs of the body.

These studies and researches are performed on animals, and there is still a lack of evidence of the effectiveness of purines on the human body. But as most of the tests and researches are performed on animals before the humans, these are the positive signs. One thing is sure, eating prunes regularly can reduce the risk of intestinal inflammation, which is one of the major effective factors before the development of cancerous cells.

Risk of colon cancer and gut bacteria:

Our colon needs numerous gut bacteria for its overall health and functioning. There are numerous bacteria inside a healthy colon. The number and density of gut bacteria may vary from person to person depending on the lifestyle, diseases, and medications etc. Good bacteria are more fragile in comparison to the bad bacteria and are easily killed by most of the antibiotics. In the absence of good bacteria, bad bacteria start the production of toxins and can cause intestinal inflammation. So, a healthy lifestyle with proper diet and avoiding the overuse of antibiotics can play a critical role in the prevention of the spread of colon cancer.

Other factors responsible for colon cancer:

In addition to the disturbing number or good bacteria inside the colon, there are plenty of numerous factors responsible for triggering the number of cancerous cells inside the colon. Some major factors responsible for slow but constant growth of cancerous cells are physical inactivity, improper diet, excessive alcoholism, and smoking etc. Some other major risk factors associated with colon cancer are inflammatory bowel disease, colorectal polyps, irritable bowel disease, and hereditary factors.

Some other healthy foods to fight colon cancer:

The study on dried plums makes one thing crystal clear. Healthy food can make an immense difference in your overall health and even help you to fight colon cancer. According to the Johns Hopkins diet for colon cancer, you must have to add a lot of colorful veggies and fruits in your diet. Limiting red meat is a must.

If you are ready to make some changes in your diet, you can not only fight the colon cancer; you can even prevent it. So, start thinking about making some healthy changes in your lifestyle and diet, if you want to get rid of colon cancer.


The dried plum or prune is an excellent diet option for those who are fighting colon cancer. It is not necessary to completely rely on the plums, a slight positive makeshift in your lifestyle and diet can make a hell of the difference. So, the bottom line of our discussion is, a healthy lifestyle including the healthy diet is one of the biggest secrets of a healthy life.


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