Top 5 Vitamins Тhat Protect Against Cancer

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Suffering from any kind of cancer is the last thing you would want to face in your entire life. Fighting against cancer can take a toll on anyone, but if you are smart and conscious enough, you can prevent cancer only by some alteration in your diet and lifestyle. Nutrient-rich proper diet can surely shield you from all types of cancers. Here are our picks for the best vitamins that can help you to protect against cancer.

#1 Vitamin B6:

This type of vitamin B is very helpful for your body to provide strength to the immune system. It also shields the respiratory tract from infection and pollutants. According to various studies, it has proved extremely helpful to protect against cervical cancer. Primary sources of vitamin B6 are carrots, organ meats, apples, bananas, sweet potatoes, and various leafy green vegetables.

#2 Vitamin C:

Vitamin C is one of the most talked and researched nutrients of all. It has shown a lot of promises not only to prevent cancer but to its management as well.

Let’s have a look at a recently concluded study. 100 patients of different cancers were selected for the study. Forty of them were fighting against the cancer of breast, ovary, cervix, and uterus. All these forty patients received enough amount of ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and some other vitamins.

On the other hand, 30 out of the remaining 60 patients suffering from some other types of cancers received no or very fewer vitamin supplements. Those who either didn’t receive the vitamins or received in an insufficient amount, lived an average of 5.7 months. And those who got a decent amount of vitamins had a mean survival duration of 122 months. That shows how vitamin alone can make a huge difference in the survival rate of cancer patients.

Some good sources of vitamin C are sweet potatoes, tomato juice, spinach, cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower, etc.

#3 Vitamin E:

Vitamin E is an excellent antioxidant and can control the cell damage due to pollutants and ozone layer. In addition to providing a much-needed shield to the superficial layer of the skin, vitamin E also protects against cancer, especially bowel cancer. Food items like eggs, wheat germ, liver, dark green vegetables, and unrefined vegetable oils are the good sources of Vitamin E.

#4 Beta Carotene:

Some great sources of the precursor of vitamin A are orange, and green vegetables like spinach, kale, carrots, and leafy green vegetables. Some toxins are responsible for the development and spread of liver cancer. Beta carotene protects your lungs from these toxins and is one of the best ways to avoid lung cancer.

#5 Folic Acid:

Folic acid is one of the most important nutrients mainly for pregnant women. It is a substitute for vitamin B-9 and is easily dissolved in water. It aids your body to perform some critical functions including production of enough red blood cells, preventing the hearing loss, and preserving the health of the brain in infants.

It is also very important for the formation of genetic material of your body. In addition to all these great actions, folic acid protects against cervical cancer. It is primarily found in eggs, citrus fruits, various varieties of fishes, and dark leafy vegetables, etc.


Getting the right nutrition according to the requirements of your body is very important. You can keep most of the cancers at bay only by following a healthy and nutritious diet. These are our top 5 vitamins that can help you to get shielded against most of the cancers. Make your body resistant to cancer by including these vitamins in your diet. As they say, prevention is always better than cure.


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