Best Home Remedy to Get Rid Of Herpes

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Herpes is an extremely common sexually transmitted disease caused by a certain virus which stays dormant inside the immune system of a person over his lifetime. This often leads to blisters forming open cold sores as well as ulcers. Today we are going to discuss in detail about the symptoms and home remedy of treating herpes.

Common Symptoms Of Herpes

  • Developing single cold sore or multiple cold sores on the lips, inside mouth, buttocks, upper thighs and even on the genitals.
  • Type 1 herpes, also known as herpetic gingivostomatitis showcase common symptoms which can usually be seen affecting lips, tongue, buccal mucosa, gingival as well as the hard and soft palate of mouth. Type 2 herpes is usually characterised by sores at the base of the penis amongst men and on the vagina, vulva and cervix amongst women.
  • Herpes sores lead to severe pain and can even rupture in extreme cases causing fluid to be secreted out.
  • Certain herpes canker sores develop a white thin coating on being touched during the healing process.
  • People also develop symptoms similar to cold or flu like fatigue, irritability, slight fever and body aches.
  • Certain people have also reported itchy and tingling sensation near the affected region before an outbreak.

How to Get Rid Of Herpes Naturally?

Every person suffering from herpes infection does not experience cold sore breakouts during their lifetime. The frequency of outbreak totally depends on the individual immune response. Enough said, now let’s now take a look at the means of curing herpes using home remedies.

#1 Increase Nutrient Intake

Healing foods having high nutrient meter can keep the herpes virus dormant to a great extent. For this, you can consume food rich in L-lysine as its amino acid content prevents further replication of herpes virus. Examples of such food are fish, legumes, chicken, turkey and vegetables.

Orange and red vegetables have high antioxidant count which assists in raising overall immunity apart from accentuating the wound healing process. Wild-caught fish is rich in omega-3 fatty acids which assist with tissue repair and inflammation.

Our body requires about four to five ounces of protein for its normal healing process. However, you should limit your consumption to organic, naturally raised and lean proteins like grass-fed beef, pasture-raised poultry and wild-caught fish for benefitting the most out of the same.

Zinc forms an essential element in a large number of chemical reactions happening in our body. These reactions can protect our body from the viral infections and even assist in the skin rebuilding mechanism. You should thus increase the intake of food items having high zinc content like organ meats, pumpkin seeds, grass-fed beef, vegetables like spinach and nuts.

#2 Saying No To Inflammatory Foods

Various foods can weaken our immune system for worsening skin irritation further. In such a case, you should try and avoid consumption of such foods for limiting both the duration and severity of outbreak.

For starters, you need to avoid added sugar as it tends to suppress our immune function for worsening cases of inflammation. Added sugar can mostly be found in packaged snacks, bottled drinks, refined grains, cereal, granola bars and flavoured yogurt.

Drinking high amounts of alcohol along with smoking tobacco and taking drugs can supress your immune function and worsen your skin inflammation apart from triggering aches and fatigue.

Packaged foods have high count of genetically modified ingredients (GMOs), grains and hydrogenated oil which tend to weaken your immune function. You should try and avoid these kind of foods as they are also infamous for triggering allergies and sensitivities apart from worsening cases of inflammation.

Acidic food can worsen pain or burning sensation apart from irritating herpes cold sores. This is why it becomes imperative to avoid oranges, tomatoes, vinegar and similar citrus fruits especially when you are suffering from an active outbreak.

#3 Trying Out Essential Oils

Clove, myrrh and tea tree oil can be of great help in treating herpes. The natural antiviral and antibacterial properties of these oils make them ideal for daily application on the affected areas.

People suffering from skin sensitivities should mix the essential oils with a carrier oil for diluting its strength. A homemade lavender mint lip balm can also be applied on your lips and inner corners of the mouth if the canker or cold sores start developing frequently.

Bottom Line

Herpes cold sores can persist for about 10-14 days when left untreated. These also lead to an array of discomfort issues ranging from pain to redness and burning sensation. Technically speaking, it is impossible to cure the herpes causing virus. However, the remedies listed above can put the same into remission.


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