How to Lose Arm Fat Quickly At Home?

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It can be pretty difficult to shed stubborn fat especially when it gets concentrated around the arm region. Today we are going to discuss about some ways in which you can cater to this arm fat problem for gaining toned arms you had always yearned for.

#1 Weight lifting is a tried and tested exercise which can help you to a great extent in reducing arm as well as belly fat. You can proceed with this exercise with simple home props like books or even your water bottle.

Your aim here should be to exercise using something which weighs around a kilo. For engaging in this exercise, you need to hold the weight using both your hands and keep your arms straight while lifting it above your head.

Slowly you will have to lower it down and take it behind your back. You should try and reach as low as possible without hurting yourself.

While carrying on this exercise, you need to keep your upper arms in close proximity to your ears and head. Practicing the same in front of a mirror can improve your exercise style.

#2 Chair dips serves as an effective arm toning exercise which can also strengthen your back muscles over time. You can engage in this workout sitting at the comfort of your home with just a chair or bed.

A soft sofa might not be of much help in such a scenario as it will just make the toning process harder to perform. A furniture which is 2 feet higher than the ground and has 3 feet of free space in its front is ideal for engaging in this exercise.

You can start by placing your hands on the furniture and facing away from them. Your hands need to be placed at a shoulder width distance. Next you will have to move three steps away from the furniture by keeping your upper body straightened.

Now you will have to bend your knees and elbows for moving your entire body near the ground in such a way that it touches the floor. Ultimately, you will have to come back to your normal position and repeat these steps for accentuating the weight loss process.

#3 Increasing your protein intake can serve as a great way of curbing cravings as it helps in keeping control over your appetite. You can reduce excess body fat easily as adequate protein intake supports weight management to a great extent.

A study conducted amongst 20 young women revealed that consuming a high-protein breakfast lead to satiety while decreasing the secretion of ghrelin, the hunger inducing hormone.

You can easily lose your arm fat by following a diet rich in eggs, legumes, seafood, poultry, meat and other dairy products.

#4 If you wish to lose that stubborn arm fat with fast effect, then you need to set a proper sleep schedule. This should be done along with modifying your diet and following a stringent exercise regimen.

Various studies have linked sleeping with regulation of appetite as well as enhancement of weight loss. In one such study, participants sleeping for 8.5 hours daily lost 60% more of their lean body mass. Those who slept 5.5 hours daily lost 55% less weight in stark comparison to the other group.

You can maintain a proper sleep schedule by minimizing your exposure to stimulants such as caffeine and nicotine. Avoiding distractions before bedtime and going to bed at the same time every day can also be of great help in this process.

Adding some more servings of fiber to your regular diet can add inertia to your weight loss drive. In contrast to other nutrients, fiber takes up more time in moving through the digestive system.

This in turn increases the time required to empty your stomach so that you feel fuller for longer. A study was conducted over 252 women who were asked to follow a fiber rich diet.

The research findings revealed that every gram of dietary fiber led to accumulation of 0.25% less body fat. This accumulated to 0.25 kg less body weight over a span of 20 months.

Staying adequately hydrated can help you lose arm fat in a fast and easy manner. Drinking water before consuming any meal brings in a feeling of satiety and prevents us from consuming more calories.

Water can also increase metabolism temporarily. However, for best results, you should stick to tea, water and similar unsweetened beverages rather than the sweetened drinks such as juice or soda.

Bottom Line

Research studies indicate that spot reduction of arm fat is ineffective. However, making some lifestyle changes can help you out in this journey towards attainment of toned arms you would love to flaunt time and again.


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