Never Use Ginger If You Have Any of These Conditions – It Can Cause Serious Health Problems

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Packed with anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and ability to improve digestion, ingesting ginger can treat many health ailments.

But, in certain situations when you’re struggling with few health conditions, ginger isn’t recommended.

When You Should Avoid Ginger Root?

Below listed are health conditions when this nutritious ingredient isn’t recommended.

#1. Blood Disorder

Hemophilia is a genetic condition, where blood clotting ability is reduced. As, ginger improves blood circulation, ingesting it with this health condition can be dangerous.

Even minor injury can turn fatal, as the blood would bleed till death.

#2. Certain Medications

If you’re prescribed with medications for high blood pressure or diabetes, then ingesting ginger can react with these medicines and may have negative effect on your body.

Beta-blockers, insulin and anticoagulants drugs combination with ginger can be dangerous.

#3. Pregnancy

Nutrients in ginger promote healthy digestive system and muscle health. However, consuming during pregnancy can lead to premature contractions and preterm labors.

However, you can use it small quantities. Consult your physician before ingesting ginger in any form.

#4. Underweight People

If you’re looking to gain weight then this is not only to help you.

Rich concentration of fiber in this root stimulates digestive enzymes and raises pH level of your stomach. It reduce the carve for food and burns the fat.

What Are Ginger Substitutes?

Substitute ginger with sweet pepper, cayenne pepper or red paprika, in case you’ve any of them above mentioned health conditions.

Nutritionists say that peppers are packed with similar effect like ginger. Choose red paprika if you love spicy food, else go with sweet pepper.


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